Invest In Your Home, Start with a Rent-to-Own Shed


It’s always a great time to invest in your home for yourself or for future buyers. One of the first improvements to consider is storage space. Are your closets overflowing? Does your yard or garage look too cluttered with equipment? A rent-to-own storage building might be the right solution so you have the space you need to then focus on other improvements. 

The program can help you save money over other storage options such as a storage unit across town. This program allows you to get the storage you need at a price that fits the budget. Then you can focus your extra income on making other improvements to increase the value of your home and your quality of life.

Rent-To-Own Program

Cook’s Rent-to-Own Program allows you to pay for your storage shed in monthly installments with no long-term agreement. All of our shed styles are available under this option. Find out more, here. 

What are some other areas to focus your money and attention on? Once you have your storage taken care of, make some of these affordable improvements that will increase the comfort and value of your home. 

Ceiling Fans

Put a ceiling fan in a room that doesn’t have one or exchange older, out-of-date fans with new, more energy efficient models. They provide an inexpensive way to decrease energy costs. Just make sure the fan is 7 to 8-feet above the floor and buy the largest model that will fit into the space.


Crown Molding

Adding decorative molding can dress up any room and provides endless options for personalization at a low price. The choices vary from simple white to more decorative looks that can be painted or stained to match any room’s style.

Most moldings are easy to install and can be completed as a do-it-yourself weekend project. Make sure to match the height on the molding to the size and ceiling heights of the room. For smaller rooms with lower ceilings, choose more simple moldings.


Storage Space

Utility 10X16

Getting a Cook portable building is the first step. But there are always ways to make your in-home storage more efficient. 

Hanging racks behind doors, a bench, ottoman or large shelves adds space without creating an eyesore. Plus, rethink your closet. Don’t just think about shelving but think about what will be stored there and the best way to build an organizational flow. 

Pegboards in closets allows for tons of hanging storage space. Any wall provides room to organize vertically, which will open up space in your closet.



Adding trees to your yard provides shade, protects your home from harsh weather and can save you money on energy costs.

Trees growing around or in front of a home increases the sale price and reduces the length of time on the market. Plant trees that need copious amount of shade on the south side of a home and place trees that will break the wind on the north side.


Exterior Lighting

Outside lighting helps to emphasize the exterior beauty of your home. Also motion-detecting and solar powered lighting provide a more cost-efficient option. Place lights under larger trees and use white light to provide an uplifting and welcome atmosphere around your home.


So, start with adding additional storage and then move on to your next project. Having the space to do what you need to do and to store the tools you need to do it will help out tremendously. Rent it today and then own it very soon as you continue updating other areas of your home!