How to Smartly Organize your Garage


One of the most intimidating and difficult areas to keep clean is the dreaded garage. It becomes the place where all the odds and ends from your home and yard end up, including those things you probably forgot you had!

Before you know it, your garage is so full there isn’t enough space for your car, truck, motorcycle or lawn mower. So use these simple ideas to organize your garage and make room for all those things that need to be protected with the winter months beginning.

If you still find that your family has more stuff than you have space, think about adding a Cook portable shed to your property. It’s the perfect space for those things, big or small, that you need to keep safe! Then, everything is right at your fingertips if you need it!

Here are some important things to remember while organizing and de-cluttering your garage.

Smart use of space

Designate specific spaces for similar items so they are easy to locate and use. For example, group all the kid’s bicycles, skateboards and other sports gear together inside your garage.

Use large, inexpensive plastic bins to store those seasonal items that your family might only use once a year, such as holiday decorations and then label the contents for easy access. If you have extra window curtains or a shower curtains, use them to hang in front of those less than pretty things.

Go vertical

One of the most important things to remember while organizing your garage is to keep your stuff off the ground. Look around you; most garages have tons of wall space.

So take advantage of this with large hooks for hanging items such as golf bags, backpacks, etc. A standing cabinet, lockers or workbench are smart ways to hold a lot of smaller items such as paint cans, tools and accessories. A ceiling storage shelf is also a good alternative for certain equipment like skis that are used very infrequently.

Repurpose items

There are plenty of inexpensive items that you probably already own that can be repurposed to help clean up your garage area. For example, use old muffin/cupcake tins as a hardware bin to hold loose fasteners, screws, nails and other electrical parts. You can even attach the tin underneath a shelf with a screw so it easily pivots out when you need something.

Organize your small shop tools, bits, pencils and other accessories in a thick piece of foam insulation and hang it easily on the wall. A peg board is another helpful way to store larger tools, like hammers, saws, screwdriver and wrenches. A magnetic knife bar is another great place to store drill bits and other small metal items.

Hang wire bins with the name of the owner of the stuff or category those things fall into. If you have extra bungee cords and some scrap wood, you can turn a corner of your garage into a holder for all your kid’s sports balls. Here is a simple to do tutorial!

If all those boxes and vehicles still won’t fit in your garage, think about adding a Cook building for extra space for your stuff. Looking for more useful information? Here are some other popular home storage and organizational tips for fall from the Cook blog!