How to Store your Collectibles inside your Cook Shed


We all have those special possessions that are more important than all the others. They could be treasured family keepsakes, collectibles that have been passed down through generations, or something that just evokes a powerful memory. Whatever is special to you has to be stored in the safest, more secure place in your home.

But you might have these things stored in your hot, dusty attic, your damp basement that tends to flood or even a hot, unorganized garage. Well, have you ever thought of storing these things in your backyard shed?

It’s a great way to utilize the space you have, keep your collectibles organized, easily accessible and protect them from any potential damage.

Are you convinced yet? If so, here are some helpful tips on how to store your collectibles in your Cook shed.

Control the temperature

Depending on what you plan to store in your Cook Portable Warehouse, you might need to add a form of temperature control. If you are storing books, toys, cloth material or other antiques, a portable heating and cooling system could be a solid investment.

Then, instead of paying to heat or cool a huge basement or attic, you are just paying for your smaller shed. Lower cost options include adding extra insulation or moving small, portable fans or heaters out to your shed.

Keep pests out

Those annoying pests like rodents, insects and other stray animals, can cause irreparable damage to material and paper products like vintage clothing, treasured books and antique furniture.

So make sure your shed is tightly sealed to keep these vermin out. And use plastic locking bins to store especially flimsy items. If necessary, set humane traps around the outside border of your shed to keep out these unwelcome visitors.

Stay dry

Many if not all collectibles would be ruined if they got wet. So it’s important to check your shed regularly for leaks and any spots that need to be touched-up. Caulk around corners, edges and windows for an extra level of security.

Investing in a high quality Cook shed with our high quality roof design, ensures that your collectibles are safe from any inclement weather.

Lock it up

Don’t forget to always lock your shed and protect those valuable collectibles. Be smart and check out your surroundings when moving high value items from your home or other storage space into your shed. And every Cook building comes with a locking door handle for enhanced security.

Sun, sun go away

Sunlight can fade those lovely collectibles especially papers, pillows and other fabrics. So it’s important to keep your collectibles wrapped up, secured and away from the windows.

Organize the space

It might be tempting to store your collection and then forget all about it. But, it will save you tons of time in the future to organize the items by category, date or value. Then, create an inventory to document where everything is stored.

You could also use your collectibles to decorate your shed (talk about two birds with one stone!). Hang collectibles like dishes on the walls and pretty bottles, glass or antique toys on shelves for a really unique touch.

For more storage tips for your home or shed, download the helpful and free resource from Cook Portable Warehouses below!