How to Store your Holiday Stuff in a Smart and Space Saving Way

Before the holidays, everyone is looking forward to enjoying some time off work, seeing family members that live far away and finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

During the holiday season, it’s about having fun, enjoying delicious food and drinks and giving back to those who are less fortunate.

But after the holidays, many of us look around our homes and see tons of decorations, a big Christmas tree, presents and wrapping paper covering everything. So, what’s next?

For our Cook couple, they realized the answer to where to put all their holiday stuff was right in their backyard, in the form of a Cook Portable Warehouse!

Could it be the right answer for your holiday storage needs? Watch the video above to find out!

Your Cook shed is the perfect place to keep those holiday items that might only be used once a year. With space for everything from a tall Christmas tree to boxes of lights, your holiday stuff will be safe and secure right on your property! And for more winter time uses for your Cook shed, read this post!


And here are 7 more creative ways to store your holiday supplies, decorations and more!

  • Store ribbon and tape on a hanger- Use a hanger to keep all your gift wrapping ribbons, twine and washi tape together. Trust us; it will be much easier to find them than having to search through a big bag full of wrapping paper.
  • Hang wreaths on a clothing rack- Wreaths are one of those Christmas time staples and look great with a big red bow on your front door. To help conserve space while in storage, use a hanger and hang wreaths from a stand-up clothing rack.
  • Keep ornaments stored safely- Those colorful ornaments always add a pop of color to your Christmas tree. But they are extremely fragile especially when stored close together. Use cardboard as a divider or get really creative and use empty egg cartons or small plastic cups.
  • Place string garland in water bottles- String garland that is a popular choice to add to trees can easily become tangled while in storage. Avoid time spend untangling next year by keeping individual strands in water bottles.
  • Use a garment bag for wrapping paper-Wrapping paper is one of those things that seems to multiply over the years and is impossible to keep track of. Store rolls in a hanging garment bag and place in the back corner of a closet.
  • Contain garland in an empty trashcan- Keep those long pieces of garland off the floor and clean by coiling them together and placing it inside a heavy duty plastic trashcan.
  • Wrap lights around pieces of cardboard- Everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to untangle a string of Christmas lights. Keep things simple by wrapping individual strands of lights around pieces of cardboard. A little extra time now, will save you tons of future stress.

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