How to Turn your Cook Shed into a Chicken Coop


On our blog, we aim to provide helpful ideas about how to use your Cook shed past just as a storage space. Although it’s great to keep anything and everything that you can’t fit inside your home, our versatile buildings can also be converted into usable spaces for your home or business needs.

Sometime these ideas might sound a little off the wall but we want to provide any concepts for our dedicated readers!

So, how about converting your Cook building into a chicken coop? The trend or urban farming, having chicken, goats, and other smaller farm animals kept at home to provide more nutritional and lower priced food options, continues to grow in popularity.

We have already talked about turning your portable building into a pet house for your canine or feline friends but let’s take a closer look at converting it into a chicken coop!

Getting the Right Shed

The first step is choosing the right shed for your needs. If you plan to make it into a chicken coop than your priorities are having a secure place to keep your animals that is easily accessible to you.

If you choose a Cook shed, it will be delivered and leveled by our professional team so you will be ready to get to work! For more on our complete delivery process, click here!

There are other things your coop might need:

Roosting Bar/Roosting Area

The first step is to build a roosting area with wooden boards. Turn boards so the longer, flat side is showing and attach to the wall with screws. This ensures that chickens have a comfortable space to perch and stay warm during the winter months.

Nest Boxes

The number of nest boxes that you will need depends on the number of hens you plan to have in your coop. You don’t necessarily need one for each but you should have at least enough where it won’t get too crowded. You can build these with simple wood planks and add wooden shavings inside the boxes.


This is one feature that is taken care of the second you choose a Cook shed. Our buildings come with a variety of window options so your coop will get some of that all important sunlight.

Locking Door

You want to make sure your chickens are safe and those pesky raccoons and other animals can’t get them!

This is another thing that comes standard with your Cook building. Our sheds come with many high quality door features including a locking door handle, heavy duty door hinges and adjustable tension rods. To learn more about all our door features, watch this video!

Box Fan

Hang a box fan to keep your chickens more comfortable and help with air circulation during the hot humid summer days and nights. But make sure to keep the fan clean of dust that builds up quickly and can become a fire hazard.


You can personalize your coop and make it as simple or fancy as you want. Of course, because it’s being used as a chicken coop keeping it pretty basic is probably the answer. But you could add some colorful paint to some of the roosting bars or nest boxes or personalize them with a name!

Make sure that your chickens have enough room to move around and live comfortably in the size shed you choose. For more on different ways to convert your Cook Portable Warehouse, download our Ultimate Shed Idea Guide below!