Hunting Season Essentials

Whether it’s hunting season or not, it’s always a good time to prepare for your next hunting adventure.  

Clean your gear, get organized and research the latest equipment to make your next hunt successful! And, if you own land you love to hunt on, you may be looking for an affordable hunting cabin to add to your property.

Cook Portable Warehouses could be used as a hunting cabin or as the perfect place to store all of your hunting essentials.  

What do you need to prepare for your favorite season? Here’s a list of hunting season essentials, whether you’re stocking a hunting cabin or just need a place to store your hunting gear outside the home.  

Hunting Season Essentials + Cook Portable Warehouses

  • Coolers

When you go on a hunt, you want to make sure your game stays fresh and away from other animals.  Bring along coolers designated specifically for the game you catch and have another one for the food you will be eating/drinking.  

  • Target SetsHunting Essentials + Cook sheds

If you’re using a gun, make sure you are in a safe, legal place to practice.  Also, ensure any children nearby are kept inside and well away from your target area.  

Target sets are a great way to practice in the off-season, to keep honing your skills.

  • Wardrobe

You have different clothing for different hunts, but it’s always important to keep these clean and as scent free as possible.  

You can wash your clothes cheaply by using baking soda or scentless laundry detergent.  

Also, scent free baby wipes are affordable and are great to clean off your hands or equipment with.

  • Workbench

There’s always a need for a clean space to work.  You can reload your shells, clean equipment, or even organize your gear before you load your backpack for the hunt.

  • Clothesline

This can have many uses; you can hang your small game up to dry, or dry out your gear after a long day in the woods.

  • First Aid Kit

You never know when you will need this. Make sure you always have these items easily available.




-latex gloves

-pain relievers

  • Propane grill/hot plate

If you are using your shed as a hunting cabin, you’ll love this idea for making cooking easier! Even if you have this at your house, this is a great thing to have in storage in case of emergencies or if you want to have a staycation camping adventure in your backyard!

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  • Survival Gear

This one is good to have while you’re hunting, fishing, camping or just to have in case of emergencies. You want to keep a supply of water, flashlights, waterproof matches and more. Read more survivalist ideas here!

If you’re still considering whether you need a Cook shed for your storage, hobby or hunting supplies, see what you should consider before buying! Free download below.