Inside Projects to Prepare for Spring

Preparing for Spring

Spring doesn’t officially begin until March 20, but it is never too early to start preparing for warmer weather. There are many inside projects to prepare for spring that you and your family can do. 


Freshen Up Your Lawn Furniture

Does your outside furniture need a touch up from last summer? The winter is a perfect time to give your furniture a makeover. You may not need to buy new furniture when there are so many ways to make furniture look new again. 

Start by cleaning your outside furniture. Outdoor furniture accumulates dirt, pollen and many other things that you are constantly cleaning off all summer. Use this time to get your furniture cleaned so when it comes to putting it out, it is one less thing you have to do.

If the paint is chipping, sand it down and give it a new coat. Save this project for a warmer day so your hands won’t freeze while sanding or painting. Also, paint doesn’t dry well in cold temperatures so make sure you’re painting on a warmer day or in your well ventilated shop.

If you were going to buy new outdoor furniture this year, buy your furniture as soon as possible. Once spring and summer get closer, prices will increase. Help your wallet and use this time to research the best deals and sales.


Organize Your Tools/Equipment

By the end of the summer, your tools and equipment probably ended up somewhere in your garage or shed in a place they don’t go. Take this time to organize your tools and equipment so they are in the right place when you need them this spring.

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Don’t have any more room in your garage? A Cook Shed is a perfect place to store all those excess tools and equipment. Read about our 8-versatile shed styles.


Clean Your Lawn Mower

After a full season of mowing the lawn, your lawn mower or tractor might look like it’s wearing a Ghillie suit. Take this time to wipe off all the old grass and clean off your blades so your lawn mower is ready to go for your first mow of the year!

Clean Your Lawn Mower


Plan Your Garden

Whether you’re starting your first garden or you’re a seasoned veteran, it is never too early to plan your garden.

If this is your first garden, start planning where you are going to put your garden. No matter if you live in a house with a yard or an apartment, there is always a way to have a garden. The earlier you start planning, the earlier you can get your plants growing!

If you are a seasoned veteran, use this time to determine what plants you want to grow this year! You can even buy your seeds online and have them ready to plant.

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Start Your Seeds

Now that you have your garden planned, you can use the last months of winter and first months of spring to get your seeds started. Seeds can be started in your house and can stay there until it’s time to transfer them to your garden.

There are a lot of easy ways to start your seeds. You can buy a seed starter kit or even make one for yourself. One easy make-it-yourself seed starter kit is with an egg carton! This seed starter is kid approved!


DIY Project

DIY projects are a great way to save money and get your whole family involved in helping prepare for the warm weather. There are so many easy inside projects that can transform your yard or house without hurting your wallet.

If you have a garden, stone markers are a great way to label all your different plants. This is a fun project for everyone in the family.

Always wanted your backyard to be a bird oasis? This toilet paper roll bird feeder project will do just that. This DIY is easy, inexpensive and once again, fun for everyone in the family.


Inside projects are a great way to prepare for spring. Whether it’s getting organized, planning your garden, or making a bird feeder, utilize your extra time indoors this winter to make sure your spring and summer are the best yet!