Lighting Options for Your Shed

Lighting is key, whether you need storage space, a workshop or something a little more involved, like a guest house. It becomes an essential next piece to make your dream shed fit your dream.

With Cook Portable Warehouses you have the durable, blank canvas you need to make it anything you want. Before you decide on the right lighting options for you, you need to answer a couple of questions:

  1. How often will you be inside, using the shed?
  2. What type of electricity will you need?
  3. Where will you need the most lighting in the shed?

Make these decisions first and then you will be able to discern which would be the best lighting option for your shed. So, consider some of these lighting options for your shed.

Lighting Options for your Shed

Battery Powered Lights

Are you considering Cook’s Rent to Own Program? Then this might be the best option for you! Since you can’t add electricity to the shed before owning it, you may want to choose battery powered lighting for your shed.

You can purchase the kind that switches on when you need it or, you might want to look into motion sensor lighting. This is a great option, especially if you use your shed mostly for storage. If you’re carrying something big out to it, then you don’t have to worry about turning on the light, just step inside.

Solar Powered Lighting

Light the path to your shed

Solar powered lighting could be a great solution for your shed, especially if it’s located far away from electrical access. You can purchase some rather inexpensive solar panel shed lighting if you just need it occasionally.

If you’re needing to power more than just a few lights in your shed though, you’ll have to explore more expensive, heavy duty solar panel options.  

Also, another great addition to your shed could be landscape lighting. You can purchase stakes that have solar powered lights on them to line the path to your building. No matter what you use your shed for, this is a functional addition that also adds some classy appeal to your landscape.


Run Electrical from Home

If your shed is close to your home and you only occasionally need lighting in your shed, then this might be an option for you.  When you need it, run a heavy duty, all weather extension cord from your home’s outdoor outlet to your shed. Then, plug in your light of choice. You may decide to hang an overhead light or just use a work lamp, or use both. Just make sure you aren’t overloading your electrical outlet and you’re using a cord that’s rated for outdoor use.

Install Electricity

If you own your shed, then you can consider adding electricity. You may be creating a workshop to finish up household projects or for your business. Or you may want to create an oasis away from the house, your man cave or she shed. Lighting is extremely important for all of these ideas!

For this option you need to hire a professional electrician. Electricity is not something to take lightly. Before meeting with an electrician, start with a list of what you will be using the electricity for. Do you need high powered equipment? Do you just want lighting and maybe a radio? Create a layout of where these items will need to be plugged up around your shed. This will give your electrician a better idea of what type of electricity you will need as well as its placement.

Here’s what you need to consider before you add electricity to your portable building!

There are many ways to add lighting to your portable building. If you’re still searching for your dream shed, then know the facts! Below, download our guide to common misconceptions about shed ownership.