One Organization Tip for Every Space in your House


Everyone’s home is always in need of some cleaning or decluttering. No worries, because Cook has you covered with one simple task to help organize each and every space in your home and yard!

Cook is the place for great organizational tips and high quality, durable storage sheds. We are here for you, no matter what your storage needs are or how your circumstances change!

Here are 10 organizational tips for your home and lawn, one for each space you have from Cook!

: Take advantage of your wall space by installing some basic hooks for hanging towels, oven mitts and aprons to keep those things off your countertops. This ensures that everything is accessible and out of the way!

Living Room: Streamline the look of your living space by cutting down on the knick knacks on your tables and entertainment center. Use a magazine basket for reading materials or create a picture wall with your framed shots!

Bedrooms: Think about the items that you have on top of your nightstand and how much you use them on a daily basis. Only keep your stuff like an alarm clock, lamp or jewelry box and move less used items into a drawer. Use alligator clips on the side of your bedside table to hold cord chargers.

Bathrooms: Go through all those things that pile up like bath products, medicines and more that you just don’t need anymore. Throw away any expired medical items and organize medicines by category such as digestive, nasal, mouth/throat and allergy.

Home Office:  Go through the papers you have on top of your desk, in drawers and filing cabinets. First, recycle those things you don’t need and covert what you can into an electronic version. Then, consider what you really need to have at your fingertips and what can be put away into shelves and drawers.

Laundry Room: If you have extra built-in shelving in your laundry room, fold clothes, sheets or towels and put them into containers labeled by room. Then, you can delegate a family member to pick up those things and put them away.

Closets: Use the tabs from soda cans to double your hanging space. Slide the tab to the base of the hanger hook and then add another hanger! This allows you to keep your outfits together and ready for the next day.

Garage: Use an old muffin/cupcake tins as a hardware bin to hold loose fasteners, screws, nails and other electrical parts. You can even attach the tin underneath a shelf so it easily pivots out when you need something.

Yard: When you are replacing your potted plants each season, put an empty plastic pot into the hole first. Then, your pots with flowers or plants can be easily switched out depending on the season.

Portable Shed: If you are still in need of a better organizational structure anywhere, think about adding a Cook Portable Warehouse. Cook buildings can be easily integrated into your existing personal style and can be customized to your specific needs.

Download our organizational guide below to get more information or read our other blog posts for a more in-depth look at each space.