Organizing Your New Shed: The Ins & Outs

Organizing Your Shed with a Metal Peg Board


You went to the shed dealer, talked the talk, shook hands, had your shed delivered and now it’s time to pack all your stuff away. But, stop right there! Before you begin, take a step back to figure out what you need to stow away and when you may need to get it back out again.

First and foremost, create a checklist of your ‘big ticket’ storage items. These are usually the items that made you come to Cook for extra storage space in the first place and often take up the most real estate.


These can include:

  • Gardening tools

  • Motorized lawn equipment

  • Golf carts

  • Woodworking materials

Because of the sheer square footage these items may take up, be careful not to pile all of these items near the entrance to your building. It may be tempting, but this can clog up your storage and make retrieving anything further inside a nightmare.

Want those golf clubs you tucked in the back corner? Hope you’re cool with wrestling past the riding lawn mower you parked right in the doorway.

Instead, put these items further into your building with a clear path from the front door. Be sure this path is wide enough for whatever you’re storing and also for you to maneuver in the shed. If you decided on our rent to own program, remember you have the option to trade up a size if you discover your shed is too small.

Keeping a clear path to your stuff depends on your ability to store everything else efficiently. Check out this guide to creative storage options, including ceiling storage (if you have the vertical space) or easy tool hanging boards. Otherwise, traditional shelving and boxes will suffice.

You probably won’t be in and out of these boxes very much, though, so don’t expect to remember exactly where you put everything. A few months later, you may find yourself with a shed full of boxes and a whole lot of questions:

“Honey, which box did we put the Christmas decorations in?”

We hope you’re ready to pick through all those boxes you forgot to label. OR you can avoid this problem completely with a little duct tape and a sharpie to make quick labels as a reminder of what you put where.

Other thrifty storage ideas include:

Not sure what all can fit in your Cook building? Here’s a quick breakdown.