Our Shed Buying Process in 7 Simple Steps

A variety of shed styles

You have a variety of storage needs from your bedroom closets to your kitchen pantry. But, many times those locations begin seeing odd items. Your kitchen pantry may have tools and gardening equipment and your bedroom closets are now overrun with Christmas decorations! Or, perhaps you’ve taken over the spare bedroom with your hobby. So, every time the grand kids come over, you have to put everything away, killing your productivity. 

No matter what your storage need, we can help you find a solution. A place for you to enjoy your hobby instead of setting up and tearing it down every week. A place for you to store your lawn equipment and seasonal decorations. A place for you to keep your home feeling like home instead of a storage den. 

A Cook portable building is a great option and our shed buying process is pretty simple. So, what’s your first step? 

  1. Choose your shed. You may decide you want a pre-built shed on the lot, ready for delivery. Or, you might want to customize your favorite shed style with different colors, windows, doors, etc. No matter which path you choose, you’ll receive the Lifetime Warranty on all treated components and the guarantee that you’re getting the highest quality shed, for the best price (it’s more than just a thing we say).
  2. As you begin your search, talk with one of our dealers or even an online sales facilitator. You can go over pricing, custom options and delivery with them. We know you’ll have questions, so just ask them! Our staff is trained to help you find not just any solution, but the right storage solution for you and your family.
  3. Decide on the right payment option for you. With Cook, you can purchase with cash or you can enter our rent-to-own program. There’s no reason to keep paying for rental space across town. Get a storage shed for your backyard that’s available to you 24/7. With Cook’s rent-to-own sheds, there’s no credit check and there’s no hassle returns. The best part? You’ll own your shed in the end. No more spending money on a storage service, you’re investing in a storage solution. 
  4. Make the choice and finalize the order! You can begin dreaming exactly where it’s going to go in your backyard and how you’re going to organize all of your things. After purchase, if you have any questions or concerns you can always call us: 1-800-772-7883
  5. Now it’s time to prepare your backyard! We will need at least 14 feet of height clearance. Also, we’ll need at least two feet on either side of your shed to be able to safely deliver and install your shed. Look around your home and yard to remove any obstacles that may stand in the way. If you’re not sure if the shed will fit, contact us to schedule a free site check. This will save you time and money if you discover you don’t have enough room for the shed you picked.

    delivery of a Cook shed

  6. When your shed is ready for delivery we will contact you to set up a delivery date and time. One of our Cook uniformed drivers will deliver, install and level the shed. They’ll do a walk-through with you to point out features and ensure there isn’t anything out of place.
  7. Start enjoying your shed! Organize, decorate, add workbenches, and create the work space or storage space you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t forget that if you’re a part of our rent-to-own program, you can pay your bill online or with a check. Just call us to set up an online account if you prefer that. 

We are always excited to welcome new Cook customers to the family! From production, sales, delivery, and even warranty claims, when you choose a Cook shed, you’re always working with Cook personnel. Wondering why others have chosen a Cook shed? 

Welcome to the Cook Shed Family

From the newlyweds (pictured here) who needed more room for their stuff to those building man caves and workshops, a Cook shed is the right solution for so many storage needs. Hear from a few of our customers below! 

“My husband and I purchased this beautiful shed last year. It has been the best investment ever. I store my seasonal items (Christmas tree, etc) and hubby stores his John Deere riding lawn mower and lawn tools. We even have enough room to store seasonal clothes in durable, heavy duty bins because it has a loft towards the back of the shed. If we didn’t have a huge lawn mower this would definitely be my she shed. I joke saying that our home may leak way before our Cook shed would. Bottom line….I love our shed. If and when we move again, I will make sure we purchase another Cook shed. John Turner was an amazing person to deal with. He even sent us a thank you card for purchasing from him. John is an asset to your company.” Diane D.


“I simply chose this company because of the thoroughness and the politeness. Mr. Rogers was very patient and helpful with my decision making process. The shed actually arrived a couple of weeks early and the delivery people were professional and prompt. Job well done!” Stephanie R.


Get started today by browsing our shed styles here! Now is the time to find your storage solution. Let’s get started!