Portable Sheds Vs. Storage Units

storage unit vs shed


The benefits of a storage unit? It’s a place you can store your things outside of your home. But, sadly the benefits end there. You end up paying month after month into something you will never own. And, if you’re like many customers you may actually forget what’s in your unit or feel like it’s too much of a hassle to go get anything out.

There are many reasons people decide to rent a storage unit. Their children go off to college, or they’re starting a remodel. Or, sadly some need it to store precious belongings of a relative who passed away. But, the storage unit may not be the best investment of your time or money.

Here are some things to consider as you look for the best location to store your belongings.  

Where do you want to spend your money?

A storage unit is a sizable fee every month and rightly so as they are charged with protecting your belongings. However, after months or years of renting a storage unit, what can you call your own except a pile of receipts that you’ve collected in a drawer?

With a Cook shed you will be able to invest in a portable building to call your own. Cook’s Rent to Own Program is perfect for those who need an affordable payment but also want to own their investment in the end.  

How much is your time worth?

This is probably the point many forget to consider when looking at storage unit options. But, remember that your time is valuable. If your storage unit is on the other side of town or in a different town, consider how much time just simply loading or unloading will take away from your job, your family or from your favorite hobby.

With a Cook Portable Warehouse you will have access 24/7 access, right outside your back door. When you need something you don’t have to schedule a special trip, you can simply grab it from your shed.

Have you considered ways to potentially increase the value of your home?

When you were searching for a home, didn’t you get a little excited when you saw the closets or the garage or the outdoor storage shed? Extra storage space is valuable. Everyone needs it and everyone seems to want more of it.

So, it’s possible that a Cook shed could potentially help your home’s value and increase buyer appeal if you ever choose to sell your home.  With Cook’s Lifetime Warranty, you can rest assured that it’s a worthy investment no matter how long you live there!

How much control do you want over your own things?

Most storage units, especially climate controlled options, will only allow you access at certain times of the day. But, with a Cook shed, there aren’t any open/closed hours to work around! You’ll have access when and where you need your stuff.  

Also with a Cook portable building you have the option to trade up while in the Rent to Own Program. You may not realize how much space you really need until you begin packing all of your things inside. Instead of waiting for the right size storage unit to open up, call your Cook Dealer and ask about getting a size larger. You have control of your own things, including the Cook shed you’re renting!

Before you pay for another month at your local storage unit, look at your budget and consider which would truly be the better investment? A Cook shed or storage unit? You might be surprised at just how affordable a portable building can be. Contact your local dealer today!