Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Shed


Do you really need a shed? You may ask yourself that or maybe your spouse has brought it up a few times. You know you like the idea of having a shed. You’d have more space for storage. More space for your hobby. More space to work on random projects. Just the thought of a clean, empty space sounds nice right? 

But, maybe it’s not the right time for you to buy a shed right now. How do you decide? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself that will help you see whether it’s time to make the purchase. 

  1. Do you find yourself cursing whenever you can’t find what you’re looking for?
  2. Does your closet or garage look like a wall of stuff, resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
  3. Do you argue often with your spouse about where new items will go?
  4. Have you dreamed of a space to call your own? A craft room? Workshop? Man cave? She shed? Office? Garden shed?
  5. Is your expensive equipment exposed to the elements sitting out under a tarp or metal awning?
  6. Are you simply tired of not having enough space? 


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we’d venture a guess and say that you’re ready for a shed. Now you have a whole other set of questions. 


  1. Will you purchase in cash or do the rent-to-own program? 
  2. What shed style do you want? 
  3. What colors do you want? 
  4. Do you want one off of the shed lot or do you want a custom build? 

The last three questions are all determined by your preference. But, the first question may be a little different. Many confuse our rent-to-own program with a loan program, but we’re not in the finance business. 

Instead, you have one payment that’s split into a rental payment and then reducing your remaining payoff balance. That means each time you pay, you’re putting money toward ownership. It’s not enough to just keep paying rent for storage is it? Let’s make you an owner of more space! 

Some key benefits of our rent-to-own program: 


  • There’s no credit check. So, no need to worry about your credit score or going to get a loan. 
  • If you decide on month two (or three, or four, etc.) that you’re able to pay off your shed in full, then that’s great! No penalty.
  • If you decide you don’t want your shed any longer, for any reason, then you can simply return it. No questions asked. 
  • To have it delivered, all that’s required is a security deposit. 


There is always the option to pay the full price, but with the rent-to-own program you’re able to try on your shed before you own it fully. So, try it for a month and then either pay it off, trade up to a larger shed, or keep paying toward the rent to own agreement. This program provides most families the ability to purchase the storage they need at a price they can afford today. 

So, did you check all the boxes off? If you’re ready to find the storage solution you’ve been needing, visit your local Cook shed dealer or, build your shed online.