Quick Organization Tips: Top 5 Ways to Make Organizing your Home Fun and Exciting


You’d like to have a more organized home with less clutter and additional space. The thought of actually digging in and getting started has probably deterred you more than once, though. Don’t give up just yet!  Here are 5 great ways to make organizing your home fun and exciting. You’ll be finished in no time!

  1. Take Before and After Photos

Show off your new and improved space while elevating that internal sense of accomplishment. Have you ever gone to great lengths to improve something only to tell people, “Yeah, I wish you could have seen it before, though!” Learn from that mistake. Go through the house taking photos of everything as it looks right now.  Don’t forget areas like closets, pantries, and dresser drawers. Photograph anything that has organization potential. You may regret it later if you don’t.

  1. Create a Friendly Competition

Need a way to stay motivated?  A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Find a friend that’s also looking to get organized. (Let’s be honest; everyone could use a little home improvement!) Plan a start date together. You may decide organize in increments, going room-by-room, or you might want to try tackling the whole house in a couple of weeks. Whatever the case, having a friend along for the ride will make this process easier.

  1. Play Upbeat Music

Don’t organize in silence.  You’re more likely to stay motivated if upbeat music is playing in the background. This means that you’ll get more accomplished in a faster time, which makes everyone happy.  Create a playlist of uplifting tunes to keep your spirits high. Then, crank up the volume and get to work!

  1. Plan Fun Break Activities

Don’t burn yourself out. Doing too much at one time can become tedious, causing you to give up before the job is finished. Plan a few breaks. For instance, “Once I finish organizing my closet, I’ll get on Pinterest for 30 minutes.” Surfing Pinterest is a great break-time activity because it’s relaxing but still keeps you motivated toward the task at hand. Who knows, you may even find some inspirational ideas you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. This takes us to our next point.

  1. Bring Out Your Crafty Side

Why store your things in a simple, cardboard box when you could use multi-colored plastic containers?  Come on, the second option even sounds more exciting.  Spice up your organization system with festive labels, fun colors, and trendy patterns. (If you’re going with the friendly competition route, this additional touch is sure to put you in the lead!)

For more helpful advice on organization and storage techniques, check out our free guide below! These Top 5 Most Popular Storage Tips will help bring your home organization to the next level.