Realizations of a Quarantined Family




They have a nice house. Decent yard. But, as soon as the call came through that they needed to quarantine for 14 days…the walls definitely felt like they were closing in a bit. 

If you had been allowed to be a fly on the wall during that time, you would have witnessed a moody teenager whose life was practically over because he was missing week one of school. Everyone in the house was the victim of eye rolls and heavy sighs at least twice an hour. 



You’d have seen a mom who chose to sweat in 96 degree heat during a day-long virtual meeting instead of trying to hear/talk over her very loving but loud husband who was also working just a few feet away from her home “office”.  No office doors makes for a strained relationship at times. 



Speaking of dad…somehow every morning he always seemed to discover (more like destroy) little brother’s latest block creation. Even if you didn’t see it, you definitely heard the screams and tears coming from both father and son. 



Short tempers. Sore feet. Crushed dreams. 



Sister had been preparing for college. She could taste freedom. But suddenly she was forced to stay, instead of go. Maybe those two weeks should have been a time for beautiful new memories with family movie nights and afternoon board game tournaments. Granted, days 1-5, there was some of that…but days 6-14, not so much. 



Basically privacy was only found on a walk or if they spent a little too long in the bathroom, which always got an extra eye roll from bother and a glare from dad if he heard the water running too long. 

They were a loving family normally, but this was a challenging couple of weeks. So, what did they realize they needed? Space. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? 

What if mom had had a designated office in the backyard in a climate controlled portable building?



What if sister had her own little she shed?



What if dad could have had a man cave for him (and sometimes his sons) to watch their favorite action movies or the latest football game? 



Not all the conflict would have been avoided but even a little extra space can sometimes alleviate the pressure building inside the house. 

Hopefully you won’t have to experience this, but even if you don’t, extra space is never a bad thing. From having a home office, man cave, hobby space, etc., you will find so many uses for your new backyard shed. With our blank canvas, it can transform into what you need for each season your family transitions into.