Recommended Buys in October

October Fall Shopping


As the year begins to wind down, there are plenty of holidays and sales coming up. Get prepared by keeping up with the smartest buys each month. Start by taking a look back at our previous recommendations for each month this year below.










October brings Halloween and cooler Fall weather, so there can be a lot of big purchases this month. Be smart about what to buy now and what you should wait on.

Here are our recommended buys in October and a few items that we advise waiting on until those great Black Friday deals begin in November.

Recommended Buys


Stores start to put the newest line of jeans on the shelves around the end of the summer. So, as October gets going, retailers are starting to discount jeans with sales up to 50 percent. October is historically the best time all year to buy jeans with common buy one, get one free deals.


If you wore your favorite pair of sneakers down with all the summertime workouts, now is the time to start looking for replacements. Companies like Puma, Sketchers, Adidas, and Nike begin discounting shoes up to 30 percent in October.


If you are planning a trip home for the holidays, it’s time to begin looking at prices and comparing travel options now. Check flights on Southwest, JetBlue, as well as websites like Expedia and Travelocity, or cruises on Royal Caribbean and Carnival.

Outdoor Supplies

Because the weather is getting chillier, most people are turning their thoughts to indoor activities. But, October is your last chance to take advantage of great deals on outdoor supplies like grills, smokers, patio furniture, and camping gear.

If you are concerned about the space to store these items until next spring, it might be a good idea to invest in more space in the form of a backyard shed. Build your perfect Cook Portable Warehouse from our 8 distinct warehouse styles here. And learn more about our story with a brief history of Cook!

Halloween Stuff

October is the time for kids to dress up, go trick or treating, and everyone to eat a little too much candy. It might be tempting to go ahead and purchase those costumes and candy early in the month, but the closer you wait to the holiday the better the deals will be (and it will reduce the temptation to eat your candy stockpile early).

Purchase your trick or treat supplies from bulk retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club to lower the cost. Also, consider buying any needed decorations after Halloween when prices will be slashed.

Check out these three creative ways of how to use your Cook shed this Halloween!

Wait to Buy

Cleaning Supplies

We all know about the tradition of spring cleaning, but what about fall cleaning? It can be a smart idea to conduct a deep cleaning at the beginning of each season. But if you need any expensive cleaning supplies like a new vacuum cleaner, try to use your current model for another month before upgrading.

Sales on deep cleaning supplies are common in November around Black Friday and again in early spring.


Wait another month when the deals on electronics like laptops, television, tables, smart watches, Amazon devices, etc. will be deeply discounted. The best deals of the year for electronics are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so we strongly recommended waiting until post-Thanksgiving!

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