Self-Storage Units vs. Portable Warehouses: Which is the Better Deal?


It’s always a good time to get organized and make room for your stuff. With winter approaching, it’s even more important to get your belongings safely tucked away and out of the elements.

For decades, self-storage units have been the common solution to those on a budget. With portable sheds now being offered on a rent-to-own basis, all that’s beginning to change. Competitive pricing options allow you to choose which storage method is best for your individual needs.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of self-storage units and portable warehouses:

Self-Storage Units:

  • Located Off-Site

Transferring items from your home to the storage unit will most likely require a utility trailer or the rental of a moving van.

  • Limited Access

Because self-storage units are located off-site, you have limited access to them. It quickly becomes a hassle to drive back and forth between your home and the unit. For that reason, most people use these spaces for more permanent storage solutions rather than temporary storage.

  • Limited Security

No one is going to care for your things like you will. You may not feel safe leaving your possessions so far away and out of sight.

  • Fixed Location

If you move to a different city, you’ll have to remove your belongings from the self-storage unit and find a new place to keep them.

  • Scarce

You may see self-storage units on the side of the road, but oftentimes when you call to reserve one, there are little to no vacancies.

  • No Ownership of Unit

Each month’s rental payment is basically a sunk cost with no end goal in sight.


Portable Warehouses:

  • Located On-Site

Portable sheds can be placed right in your backyard or anywhere you need them!

  • Unlimited Access

Accessing the items in your building is no different than accessing the items in your garage or attic. This makes portable warehouses ideal for both temporary and permanent storage solutions.

  • Unlimited Security

With a portable warehouse located so close to your house, you’ll be able to look out the window at any time and know that your items are safe.

  • Flexible Location

If you move houses, your portable warehouse can easily be transported to the new location with you.

  • Abundant

The supply of portable warehouses is only limited by how quickly our team can build them. The construction process of a Cook building typically takes 2 days. We also offer pre-owned buildings that have been restored to their original condition.

  • Future Ownership

Through our rent-to-own program, a portion of your monthly payment goes toward the purchase of your shed. With each month, you’re that much closer to owning your own portable warehouse!


To learn more about Cook Portable Warehouses’ rent-to-own program, check out our blog post entitled “7 Reasons Why a Rent-to-Own Shed Could Be Right for You”!