She Shed What? The Makings of a She Shed (Part 1)


We all have a crush on this gorgeous She Shed made by Florida teacher and blogger Julie Dannenmueller at We were able to catch up with Julie and hear her she shed story with Cook Portable Warehouses! 


When did you start thinking about building a she shed? 

A friend had recently turned her greenhouse into a little studio and I just loved the idea. That’s when the idea triggered. I wanted a she shed! 

My husband has his own shed, so now we have his and hers sheds! I wanted mine though to be feminine, all about me, which I don’t really have in the house living with three boys, my husband, son and dog. There’s just no place for me, a girly atmosphere. 

I love gardening, being outdoors and just having a place to go and watch Sex and the City without interruption. HA! 

Julie with her she shed!

How did you decide on a Cook Shed? 

It took about 6 months. I did a lot of research, Googled, built Pinterest boards…I just combined the best of the best and put them in my mind for what I wanted. There are several sites that do portable buildings. But when I got 

Cook She Shed Before Decorating

to the Cook shed lot, I fell in love with the design…mainly because of the shingles! I didn’t want a metal roof. I walked in and knew immediately I could design it the way I had in mind. 

I went into the Garden Shed and the Tool Shed, but the Utility style spoke to me because of the height of the walls. I like the cathedral style ceiling and higher roof line. I didn’t want my shed to feel closed in. 

Though I ended up buying online I still visited the local lot to see the shed for myself. I wanted to be able to visualize and really grasp what it was I was getting.



Did you have any convincing to do before buying your dream she shed? 

Well, I didn’t really have to convince my husband. He couldn’t turn me down because he already had one! This is my venture. It fit into my budget, even with the custom order.

I told them the perfect spot for my shed was where my son’s tree house was. Our son had outgrown it and I think he actually enjoyed getting a hammer and helping destroy it so there would be room for my she shed. 

Blue Chest Inside She Shed


What have you been up to since the shed was delivered? 

Well, I work with 6-year-old kids and this will be my 30th year teaching this fall. But now that I’m on summer break, I can really enjoy my she shed! I started decorating, and continue to decorate. 

My inspiration was an old blue chest I bought that was painted a powder blue. That was my main piece that inspired my theme for a rustic, but coastal feel. I can’t wait to show you what it looks like now!


Here’s a sneak peak of the inside of Julie’s She Shed (featuring the blue chest!). See how she fixed up her girly oasis!  

Want to see more of our shed styles to create your own she shed? Download our brochure below! 



Photo Credit: Julie Dannenmueller took these pictures of her She Shed. You can follow her blog at