Convert Your Shed Into a Home Theater

Are you a movie lover who’s looking for the perfect space to watch their favorite films? Or are you running out of room for all your favorite movie memorabilia?  A Cook Portable Warehouse could be the solution!

You may not have enough room in your house for a home theater but with a Cook shed, it’s as if you’ve extended your home.  Movie lovers want to experience the full, surround sound experience of their favorite films.  Why not experience that in your own backyard? People turn their sheds into man caves, she sheds and more, so why not create your own cinema shed?  

Shed Converted into a Home Theater

One of our dealers, Vincent Marsh of Memphis, actually started a website to help families find quality entertainment.  “I was always trying to find out if something was ok to let my son watch,” he said.  His site helps guide families to clean entertainment that’s suitable for the whole family.

He says if you’re looking to create your dream theater for the family to enjoy, you should consider creating one out of a Cook shed.  Here’s a few tips to convert your shed into a home theater!

-Choose the Right Shed

First, you want to ensure you have a shed that will fit your purpose.  Though you’ll want to keep your cinema room dark for the most part, a window is always a nice feature and in the summer will help add a nice breeze into your small space.  

For this type of project, you may want to look at customizing a shed like the Lofted Barn. You can add an extra door, or window, and choose a size that will be large enough for movie viewings with friends.  

If you’re looking for more tips on buying the right shed for you, read this!


-Add Seating

You can be as traditional or comfortable as you want with your seating choices.  At antique shops or online, you may be able to find vintage movie theater seats. Or you may decide to go the comfy route and purchase recliners or couches.  

One suggestion is to try not to overload your shed with seating. You want to ensure everyone is comfortable and can safely walk through the shed.

Add Seating to Your Home Theater + Cook Portable Warehouses

-Add Dimmable/Decorative Lighting

During the movie, no one wants a lot of light. So, find lighting that has dimming capabilities.  You can have something as complicated as dimming sconces on the wall. Or, be more whimsical and add Christmas lights to line the ceiling.

Or, find creative lighting that is movie themed that you can incorporate into your decorations.  


You want the full experience, so don’t spare on the expense of your projector, sound system or screen.  Your shed will be everyone’s favorite place to hang out and watch the latest movies.  


-Decorate with Your Favorite Movies & Memorabilia

If you’re a movie lover then you’ve probably been looking for a place to hang all of your favorite movie posters.  If your spouse won’t let you hang them in the house, convince them that a shed is a great alternative! You can even download this free presentation to help you convince him/her!

Then, add curtains around your screen and to any windows. You could even feature your favorite movies in their cases on the wall.  If you have book cases with your DVDs and Blu Rays, then try to leave some space open for pictures, movie figurines or even framed prints of your favorite movie quotes.

With the quality materials used to build Cook sheds, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it into exactly what you’re wanting! Take a look at our shed styles and start building your home theater today!