Simple, Cheap Ways to Decorate your Home and Shed for Halloween

Decorating your house, yard, and shed for Halloween doesn’t have to take a ton of time or break the bank. You can add an eerie quality to your outdoor space with some simple DIY projects using stuff you most likely have around your home.

Your backyard shed is the perfect place to store holiday decorations and other items that you only use once or twice a year. Read this post for 3 creative Halloween themed ways to use your shed. And because safety is always our first priority, read this post with helpful Halloween home safety reminders.

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Read on for some of our creative, DIY Halloween home and shed decorating ideas!

Halloween Ideas for Your Shed

Get creepy crawlers and their webs

The real versions of these critters aren’t welcome when hiding in the corners of your shed or home. But for Halloween, use cheesecloth or thin white tissue paper to create fake webs around the outside of your buildings. Then, add spiders by painting empty toilet paper rolls black, gluing on black pipe cleaners as legs, add a pair of eyes and hang up with fishing line.

Decorate with scary window silhouettes

All you need is cardboard and black paint and you can add some Halloween visitors to your home or shed. Cut the cardboard into shapes like ghosts, witches, monsters, etc., paint them black, and hang in your windows.

Add some spooky signs

Another simple decorative project that might scare away Halloween visitors is creating mysterious signs out of old, scrap pieces of wood. Paint things like “Haunted House,” “Beware,” or “Turn Back” and hang them on a door or fence.

Make mysterious accessories for your trees

Cut out bats from black paper, color on red eyes, and attach with black string to a coat-hanger and hang in a tree with low branches. Or create a creepy wind chime with empty soda cans, painted with silver or glow in the dark paint, fill with small rocks, attach to a small piece of wood. Once the wind hits, the chimes will produce a ghostly sound!

Turn doors into mummies

Another simple way to transform your space for Halloween is using toilet paper or white gauze and wrapping the front door to your house or shed. Then, cut out two eyes and a mouth from black construction paper and attach with tape.

Illuminate your walkways

Gather up plastic milk containers headed for the recycling bin from friends and neighbors. Draw on different scary faces on each one, cut out the bottoms, and add an LED or flameless candle to each one. Use these to line walkways to the front door or in the backyard going to your shed, to help everyone see your terrifying decorations!

Or, completely transform your backyard shed into a spooky haunted house! To learn more about what a versatile, dependable Cook Portable Shed could add to your home, download our brochure below: