What Are the Joneses Buying This Year?

Trying to keep up with the Joneses? It’s a little unrealistic, don’t you think? The important thing is to get what you need and a little of what you want. So, do you need a new phone? Below you’ll find some of the top options. Need more room for your stuff? Then let’s find you the right storage solution. 

Why Cook Sheds Always Make the Best Holiday Gift

Our portable warehouses make a great gift for anyone on your list who needs more room for their stuff. You won’t have to shop around because Cook guarantees the best deal (check out our lowest price guarantee) and has 8 distinct portable building styles perfect for the gardener, handyman, crafter, etc. in your life! So, Cook sheds will make a great ... Read More

4 Tips for Staying on Budget during the Holidays

After Thanksgiving (and the food coma) is over, holiday shopping goes into full force with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and December holiday gift shopping. But, for many of us it’s difficult to stay on a budget and get the gifts you want to delight your family and friends.

Setting up a Holiday Guest House in your Shed

The holidays are a busy time that usually includes inviting guests to stay with you, sometimes for a long period of time. The in-laws come for a few weeks or a sibling’s family needs a place to stay for all of the family holiday festivities. But, with that many people in the house it can quickly get a little overwhelming. ... Read More

Storing Items for Winter in Your Shed

Temperatures will continue to dip so now is the time to begin thinking through how you’ll store items through winter. In your garage? Your shed? Under the bed?  Whether it’s summer clothes or outdoor lawn equipment, you’ll need a safe place to store it during the colder months.  The great thing is that a Cook shed makes this process so … Read More

Yuletide  DIY: Burned Wood Decorations

As one of our Cook dealers Mike Otis has shown us, Cook sheds are a great place to create!  Our portable buildings can be used for craft rooms, workshops or even your office. Mike in his spare time uses the sun and a magnifying glass to create artwork for his customers or for his own home.   He burns designs into … Read More

5 Creative, Space Saving Holiday Storage Tips

The holiday season brings tons of cheer and time to relax with family and friends. But, it’s also an extremely busy time of year with family coming into town, entertaining, hosting meals, buying gifts, and decorating your house in a festive way. We have all been frustrated when we go to decorate our tree or the exterior of our home … Read More

Convert Your Cook Shed into Santa’s Workshop [VIDEO]

Your Cook shed holds many possibilities! But, don’t discount what you can do with the outside of your shed as well as the inside. During warmer months, there’s many ways you can incorporate your shed into your landscape. But, during the winter holidays, don’t forget to include your shed when you’re decorating! This do-it-yourself project is part of our Yuletide … Read More