Simple Tips to Keep your Home Organized this Holiday


The holiday season brings a lot of welcome things from seeing family and friends from out of town, to receiving that special gift and all those yummy holiday treats! And one thing that can make any holiday season a little brighter is taking a proactive approach to organization.

Some of us aren’t natural organizers, but you don’t have to possess the organization gene to get your home ready for the upcoming busy holiday week! And a great way to keep your home clutter free during the holidays (and year round) is with a Cook Portable Warehouse!

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And read these 3 organization tips to keep your home clean and tidy and reduce your stress during the holiday season.

Organize your closets

 With an influx of new gifts coming into your closets, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate what you have and what you really need to keep. Everyone has a tendency to cram those gifts or seasonal clothing into their closet and then forget about all of it. But that makes a big mess for you in the future!

The holiday season is the season of giving, so remember to think about how those things that are gathering dust in the back of your closet and how they could benefit someone else.

When you bring 2 new things into your closet, try to find 1 piece/item to donate or give away to friends or family members. A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used it in the last year, it’s time to give it away.

Keep your closets tidy and organized by season or category and remember visibility is critical! If you can’t see your things, you mostly likely won’t use them! Check kids closets and toy chests when relatives ask for gift ideas so they don’t receive duplicates.

Make and monitor your list

Anytime the holiday season comes around take time to check your inventory before buying new items. That’s how clutter piles up in the first place. Take inventory of your holiday decorations, tableware, wrapping and tissue paper supplies, etc. Keep a special place for your holiday wrapping supplies in a clear container so you can quickly check to see what you have.

Then, make a detailed list and maximum budget you plan to spend. If money is tight this year forgo the holiday cards and send e-cards or make homemade cards instead.

Other ideas for simple homemade gifts include baked goods, photo albums, framed pictures or customized CDs . Sometime those simple, heartfelt gifts are the ones they will always remember!

Keep your decor simple

Don’t add more stress to the already stressful season by planning to decorate your entire home. Your place can look festive with just a few touches (like a tree and presents) or just decorate the 1-2 rooms that will be used the most like the kitchen and living/family room.

Enlist your family members to come over and help you decorate. Make a theme party around decorating the tree, making homemade ornaments or other simple decor pieces. Remember to give those rooms a complete cleaning before getting started.

Use available natural items like holly, cranberries or colorful ball ornaments to add some color for no or little cost. Don’t stockpile decorations especially during those tempting after holiday sales and purge any old or broken decorations seasonally. Another creative idea is to switch decorations with a group of friends every few years to keep your decor fresh and new!

A great place to store all those bulky festive decorations or things like the artificial Christmas tree that are only used once a year is in a Cook shed! Download more tips to keep each room or space in your home organized all year round by clicking below!