Simple Ways to Arrange any Bathroom


The one room that no one enjoys cleaning and organizing is the bathroom. It’s just no fun! But it’s an important routine task to keep your home happy and healthy!

So continuing our room-to-room manual, here are 5 tips to organize your bathroom sink, medicine cabinet, linen closet and more so you can take full advantage of the space you have!

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Sort your stuff

Go through all those things that tend to pile up like bath products, medicines and other extras that you just don’t need anymore. Throw away any expired medical items, cleaning products, etc. and reorganize your space in a smart way. Organize medicines by category such as digestive, nasal, mouth/throat and allergy.

Use every bit of space

Because bathrooms tend to be small, available space is at a premium so use space under your vanity, in drawers and closets and put the things you use daily in front. Store those items you use occasionally in labeled plastic containers and put them under the sink.

While everything is out of drawers, clean the countertops, mirrors and cabinets completely and then replace the contact paper.

Organize drawers

If you have limited space on your countertop around the sink, use a helpful and inexpensive organizational storage caddy. Another smart tip is to use drawer organizers to divide small items like hair clips, makeup, nail polish, etc. Keep all the items with the same purpose together such as spa accessories or nail products.

Display bath products

Repurpose pretty glass or ceramic containers with bath products like soap, sponges or bath salts for a pretty decor element.

Get creative

There are several simple ways to conserve space in any size bathroom. Some clever examples include cutting notches on a shelf inside your medicine cabinet to hide toothbrushes. Or add a metal mounting strip to the wall and super glue magnets to toothbrushes.

You can cut and attach PVC pipes to the inside door underneath the sink to hold your curling iron, straighter or blow dryer! A hanging magnetic strip is the perfect place to keep tweezers, nail clippers and bobby pins.

Or add zip ties to attach cute baskets to towel bars to add extra storage space. Use a hot glue gun to add clothes pins to storage bins in a closet for added versatility.

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