Simple Ways to Store Sports Equipment in your Shed


We bet your kids definitely have their favorite sport (or many favorites). But all that equipment and gear takes up a ton of space!

So before your home, garage or Cook shed becomes overwhelmed with all those sports balls, rackets, clothing, shoes and more, use these 4 simple tips to keep that sports equipment organized!

Use wall space

This keeps smaller items from cluttering up the floor, leaving it open for larger equipment. Also, it helps you easily see what you have or what your kids didn’t return to the correct spot.

Some easy purchases to help maximize your wall space are a bike rack, ball claw and metal or mesh baskets. Other lower cost ways to hang stuff vertically are with hooks, using the existing studs or making shelves out of scrap lumber. Hooks are a great way to get large items like golf clubs and bats off the ground.

Get creative with this process and use some of each hanging system to organize your family’s sporting equipment.

Get tons of containers

One of the best ways to keep all of your sports equipment together is using bins, buckets, etc. You can organize these by sport, time of the year, or specific family member. Make it part of the daily routine for kids. So when they get out equipment or toys, they are in charge of putting it back in the same place. Don’t forget to label bins accordingly.

You can use any type of bins you have on hand or can find at the Dollar Store or thrift shops. Some examples include boxes, totes, laundry baskets and mesh rolling bins. One tip is to choose clear bins over colorful ones, so you can easily see what is inside.

A huge benefit of using these different containers is whenever you need to switch out toys, supplies and equipment seasonally, you can just pick it up and move it!

Don’t forget the ceiling

If you think wall space is underused, just look up. Why not hang things from the ceiling too?

The ceiling is for those sporting goods and other items that are not used frequently but take up tons of space, like surf boards, skis, fishing rods, etc. Search online for easy DIY projects to create vertical, siding storage shelves out of scrap wood or PVC pipe. You can also buy a similar storage system to hold bins.

Or, if you’re searching for a portable building, be sure to get one that has a loft attached to easily store things above your main storage area. Check out our Lofted Barn option! 


Inside a Lofted Barn

Switch out seasonally

One simple way to keep your Cook shed or garage more organized and less cluttered is by changing things out seasonally. You won’t need that sled in the summer or that Go Kart in the winter. Moving these items to the back of your building or an unused closet or attic makes things much simpler.


A Cook portable building looks great in every season and is the perfect place to keep all your family’s sports equipment, toys, games and all the other stuff you don’t have room for in your home. But, why should you choose a Cook building over another option? Find out below!