Take Your She Shed from Drab to Fab [+Infographic]

A She Shed is where you get to be all YOU! It’s your private oasis. A place to do what you love, relax and feed your creativity.

But, when your Cook shed arrives, you may look at the bare walls and wonder, “How do I make this space mine?”

Remember it’s your space, so anything goes. You probably already have a few ideas pinned on pinterest and now you can finally try them out.

Take your She Shed from drab to fab with these creative additions.

  1. Create artwork.  You may find something at a yard sale, or at the store. But, you can also create something unique to you. Look for scrap wood and paint a welcome sign. Or you could add your favorite quote or music lyric to hang over your work station. Stencils or tracing paper make this project simple, yet guests will be impressed.
  2. Use pops of color.  Reuse those old vegetable cans from dinner last night, file down the the sharp edges at the top and paint them a bright color. Then, use it to store small items. Or, add colorful vases with flowers from your garden. These can be attached to the wall or just sitting on a table or shelf. Also, consider creating a focal wall, where you only paint one wall a bright color to offset the rest of the room.Take Your She Shed from Drab to Fab + Cook Portable Warehouses
  3. Add seating. This is your getaway spot remember?  So make it colorful and comfy! Whether it’s a wooden bench, a bean bag chair or a simple lawn chair, add colorful pillows and throws. If you buy fabric paint, you can even add your own embellishments.
  4. Incorporate fabric, tulle and lace. Use it to create simple window treatments that don’t block the natural light.  If you have a cozy reading or napping spot, you can add elegance to it by hanging tulle from the ceiling around it. You can also use it to divide the room up into cozy sections or create a pennant banner to add extra color to your entrance.  
  5. Add lighting. You could run electricity to your shed, but if you don’t have the budget for this, go for simple solutions. Solar powered lamps or battery powered christmas lights can add light without losing the cozy feel you’re going for.
  6. Weave in random Items you love. Do you love to read? Then work books or book pages into your decor. Does a tea party sound like the perfect afternoon? Then find tea cups at the next yard sale and display them in a fun way.  Love to paint or just enjoy beautiful artwork?  Then head to your local art district and pick up a piece that will inspire and relax you.

This is your space, so let it reflect your style and personality.  Let your creativity shine and take your blank space from drab to fab!  

There are many Cook shed styles to choose from that will make the perfect She Shed for you. Below are the steps you need to take to create your own she shed! 

She Shed Infographic


 Pin: Take your She Shed from Drab to Fab + Cook Portable Warehouses