Tasks to Keep your Yard Clean and Organized


All that yard work from mowing to raking to weeding and all those other routine tasks can be boring and tough. Yard work can take over your free time and before you know it, an entire weekend is gone!

But getting organized before you get to work can make things much, much easier! Spending a little time beforehand getting things ready and tidy in your Cook Garden Shed will save tons of time in the future.

So for the next stop on the Cook Guide to Home Organization we’ll head outside and give you several things to keep your yard clean and organized. Then, your garden and entire landscape will look great and you’ll still have free time to enjoy.

Stick to a routine

Create a list of ongoing gardening and other yard work on a dry erase or bulletin board. Have tasks that are seasonal and come along every year and then other more specialized items. Add a way to check things off your list, so you’ll have that great accomplished feeling!

Set aside one or more blocks of time every week for those things that have to be done. Don’t forget those weekly tasks such as mowing, watering and weeding and other yearly tasks like raking leaves, tilling and fertilizing. Raking those piles of leaves is one of the necessary but no fun fall tasks! It’s also a good idea to block off 15-30 minutes per week for weeding.

For every day you plan to work in the yard make a to-do list to keep you on task. Another good idea is to check with neighbors about their upcoming yard projects and see if you can collaborate to save money on renting large equipment.

Work in logical order

Tackle those gardening tasks in the order that makes sense to you! It’s a good idea to weed your garden and trim bushes and trees first, then use that lawn waste in a compost pile. Clearing out sticks and dead leaves will make your yard look much better immediately and help you see what else needs to be done.

Another good tip is to start in one corner and work your way around yard. This technique will keep you from overlooking and missing any tasks! Or create a map of your yard and section it off according to tasks or blocks of time.

Organize gardening supplies

Go through all those gardening tools, materials, supplies, plants, herbs and seed packets that are piled up in a shed or garage. Toss any broken or rusted tools and sharpen blades on mowers and pruners so they work better.

Then, group like items together. Use organizational tools such as hooks, shelves, pegboards or brackets to keep similar things in the same place.

A Cook Garden Shed is a great place to keep everything you need for a beautiful and blooming landscape! And every Garden Shed even comes with adorable shutters and a flower box!

Wondering if a garden shed would fit well in your own yard? Check out our free Location Guide below!