The Essential Springtime Tool List for Every Gardener



Nearly everyone has heard the expression, “April showers bring May flowers”. Well thankfully, we are coming to the end of the rainy, cold season and into the prime season for gardeners! In fact, we found the top 5 gardening apps that you must try this spring!

With spring comes a new opportunity to plant the garden of your dreams with flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more! But the first step is ensuring you have the best quality supplies and the right tools and equipment for your needs.

Now is the time to invest in (or replace your existing tools if they are looking old or rusty) those things that you will use for years to come. And your beloved gardening tools don’t have to be crammed in a closet or hidden in drawers in your garage.

By investing in a Cook Garden Shed, you know you are getting the space you need, at a price you can afford.  Plus, it looks great right next to your garden with customizable shutters and a flower box. Or you can turn any of our backyard warehouses into your own greenhouse.

Take the virtual tour of the Cook Garden Shed or visit one of our local lots to take a tour of this building or any of our other seven unique warehouse styles.

First, know how to select the right tools for you. A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Always handle the tools before you buy them. Consider how often you will be using them. If something is too heavy, long, or uncomfortable, it will be difficult to use. Don’t risk injury by trying to use tools that aren’t the right fit.
  2. If your hands and wrists get sore easily, choose D-shaped handles on all short-shafted tools. Tools with wood or coated metal handles are durable, but not heavy. Ash and hickory are good choices, while tubular-steer and fiberglass are often too heavy.
  3. Gardening tools are a big investment, so be smart about how you store them. With a durable, dependable Cook shed, you know your stuff is safe from weather, climate change, and pests. Inside your backyard building, hang long handled tools using a pegboard and keep short handled tools in a portable cart or bag.

If you need more tips to organize your garden shed, read this blog post from Cook!

And now the Cook recommended essential gardener’s tool list.

Hand Tools

  • Hand Rake: To pick up piles of leaves and remove debris from plants without damaging roots or crowns.
  • Hand Pruner: Best to cut small branches, cut back flowers, and score roots before planting is complete.
  • Shears: Used for edging paths, trimming grass around trees and shrubs as well as cutting back ornamental grass and perennials.
  • Scissors: Use when removing dead flowers, cutting herbs, and pruning delicate plants.
  • Water Breaker: To irrigate new plants and soak established plants.

Long Handle Tools

  • Long Handled Pruner: Best to cut larger sized branches.
  • Round Headed Shovel: Use when digging holes prior to planting trees or large shrubs and moving loose materials, like compost, soil, or gravel.
  • Digging Fork: For turning and cultivating unbroken soil and transporting bulbs and perennials.
  • Bow Rake: Use if you need to level soil prior to planting; to spread loose materials, and remove heavy debris.
  • Leaf Rake: For raking leaves, grass, sticks, and other small debris.

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