Things to Buy in March and What to Skip

We have been providing recommendations for items to purchase every month and things to wait on for a better time. To catch up on 2017 so far, read our January and February blogs.

For most things, there are times when the deals are the best, and others when it’s not the smartest time to make that purchase. One exception to this rule are our Cook Portable Warehouses, which remain stocked with a variety of styles on local dealer lots every month of the year.  

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Here are 4 things to buy in March and a few recommendations of things to wait to buy until later this year.

What to Shop for in March + Cook Portable Warehouses


With Valentine’s Day in the rearview mirror, now is the time to stock your cabinets with delicious chocolates. Due to overstocking of shelves, you can find deals up to 50 percent off the normal price. If you have someone with a March birthday, a gift bag or arrangement could be the perfect gift that is also easy on your wallet.

Flowers are another smart gift choice in March. With no big holidays this month and with months to go until those big holidays like Mother’s Day, florists are more likely going to offer more sales and good deals.


The time in between two of the biggest weekend sales of the year, President’s Day and Memorial Day, is a great opportunity to invest in gift cards. Some businesses will offer gift cards at a discounted rate to entice buyers to come back to their stores later this year.

When purchasing gift cards, only buy them to stores you know you will use, so they don’t get lost in your wallet and forgotten. Restaurant gift cards are always a good choice to give as gifts, so check vendors like GiftCardMall.

Ski/Snowboarding Equipment

The end of winter means that gear you had fun hitting the slopes with is now on sale at more than 20 to 30 percent off retail price. The closer to the end of the season, the better the deals will be, but buy now while you have the best selection of brands and styles.

You could also try to fit in a late winter ski trip because resorts will also be offering good deals in March.


Other than the holidays, winter is the off-season for travel. After months spent around the house, many of us will have the travel bug big time when Spring comes. But because Spring isn’t here yet, luggage stores will still be offering good deals on suitcases.

Things to wait on for later this year include spring clothing and accessories. A good rule of thumb is never to invest in seasonal clothing until two to three months into that season. So now is the time to upgrade your winter wardrobe for next year. But hold off to refresh your Spring outfits.

March is another month that we recommend waiting to purchase a cell phone. Like we said in January and February, typically late Spring is when the newest models are released. Make sure to do some research on your specific provider to see when the newest model will be released.


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