Tips to Make your Portable Shed Part of Your Home’s Landscape



A new shed will be part of your daily life and attention to detail is critical in matching your family’s personal style. These easy steps will not only make the new shed look like an extension of your home but will positively impact the resale value of your property, if the time comes to sell.

A couple of simple touches can make your new Cook Portable Warehouse feel right at home, at your home!


We offer many different color options. If you don’t see what you need on one of our dealer lots, know that you can also custom build your shed and choose your own color combinations! Try out our shed builder to start playing with color options here

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The fit and style of the shed on your lawn is just as important as with your house. Adding flower beds and shrubbery around your unit helps it blend into the landscape. Choose flowers that fit the location and consider the amount of sunlight or shade when selecting annuals or perennials.

Trees, shrubs or potted plants highlight the front of the building. Another option is to install trellises to adorn the walls with vines and vertical growing plants. Or if space allows, start a garden of flowers, vegetables or herbs on one side of the building. Use bricks or a pre-made rubber edge border.

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Creating a path from your house helps seamlessly connect both structures as one cohesive unit. The do-it-yourself project can be completed in one weekend. Begin by measuring and marking out the distance from the warehouse to your home or driveway.


Choose a stone that will serve as the steps of the path. Flatter, broader stones such as flagstone work better because they should be placed every 6-12 inches. Then, cut the ground 1-2 inches deeper than the width and in the shape of the stone. Fill the bottom of the hole with rock dust or sand, add the stone and hammer the corners to secure it into place.



Think about adding other personal details because those are the things that will make your building really stand out! Add a fountain, bird bath, bird house, weathervane or wind chimes to add a unique flair to the exterior of your shed.

Add iron design pieces or a homemade wooden sign on the outside walls. Repurpose unused supplies from home improvement projects or visit the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to pick up special exterior items at a low price.

If your shed is near a paved area, add a table, chairs and an umbrella to make a small patio or outside dining area.

Whatever size building you are looking for can be personalized with just a few easy steps. Learn more about how a Cook Portable Warehouse can fit into your life today! Download our free fitting guide below!