Tips to Maximize Space in your Rent to Own Building


Portable sheds provide that extra storage space everyone can use for their household items. Then with a few simple tweaks, you can maximize that space even more.

Because, many times there is a simple answer to life’s most difficult issues. For example, you need more space but cannot afford to buy a shed outright.

The answer is the Cook Rent to Own program, which provides room for all your stuff, right in your backyard and with monthly payments that fit easily into your current household budget.

Think leasing a building isn’t cost effective? Think again! More than 75 percent of our customers get their portable warehouse through Rent to Own. Once you have your shed, use these simple tips to further maximize that space.

Think Vertically

Much of the vertical space inside your home, garage or portable shed goes unused. Many smaller items or things that you will only need once a year such as holiday decorations can be stored in the top third of your warehouse.

Think about making a basic shelf, with a few pieces of scrap wood and attach with nails or screws. Or an easier option is to install hooks either metal or self-adhesive plastic. Hooks are perfect for hanging gloves, hats and other hand tools.

If you have a lot of hanging items, small tools or nuts and bolts that you want to keep in one place an inexpensive option is to install a pegboard.

Group your Items

It might be a simple thought but when optimizing your space, grouping items into similar categories will save you tons of time. Put things into categories according to the function they provide in your life.

When you are looking for garden tools, won’t you also most likely need flows, seed packs, and gloves? Or if you plan to wash your car, you’ll also need soap, brushes and wax, right? Keep all those things together in labeled plastic storage bins.

Accessibility is Key

When storing your possessions, one of the most important components is how often those things are needed. If you only use a large piece of equipment once in a blue moon, keep it in the back corner of your shed.

Keep rakes, shovels and other tools that get a lot of use on summer weekends, closer to the front for easy access. Also use PVC pipes to organize larger items and don’t stack anything more than one deep.

All of these things can help you make the best use of the available space in your portable warehouse. So what are you waiting for? Rent to Own allow you to start organizing your shed immediately and pay it off gradually. Learn more about the benefits of purchasing your new building through the Cook Rent to Own program.