Tips to Maximize your Money with Rent to Own


From that daily cup of coffee to your monthly storage unit bills, routine expenses can really pile up. But through a combination of smart spending and money saving tips, every family can feel a little more financial sound.

One way to save money is by spending money. Sounds a little crazy right? But often times a small up-front expenses can save you tons of money in the long run.

For example, if a large home appliance is on its last legs, begin thinking and researching its replacement now. Then when something does happen, you will be prepared instead of having to run out and buy the first available item.

The same idea is reflected in the Rent to Own program offered by Cook Portable Warehouses. With a deposit as low as $200, you can have your own shed delivered. Then your monthly payments will go toward the overall cost of the unit, a feature you won’t find with mini-warehousing.

Check out these easy money saving tips and before you know it, you can get the extra storage you need, right in your backyard.

  Go to the U.S. Department of Energy website to evaluate your family’s home energy usage. The Home Energy Saver tool will determine how your house can be more cost effective. For example, purchasing a programmable thermostat for less than $100 can cut down your energy costs between 5 and 30 percent per year, depending on your location.

2)  One easy way to save money on energy costs is to install CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) or LED (Light Emitting Diodes) light bulbs, which cost a little more than regular bulbs but last years longer.

3)  Visit one of the many websites, such as, that allow you to compare your wireless, Internet and phone bills. You could be paying more than you need to for these services.

4)  Grab those coins stored around the house, car or even under couch cushions and take them to a change-counting machine in most grocery stores to convert to dollars. Another way to save up money slowly is by tossing spare change into a Mason jar every few days. Check it after a year and you’ll be shocked by the total!

5) Think about your hobbies and analyze your current memberships. For example, if you don’t get to the gym as much as you would like, think about cancelling the membership and paying per class. Or if your family is a frequent visitor at your local zoo, it could make more sense to sign up for a monthly or yearly membership.

6) Go through your closets and find clothing and household items to give to charity. A good rule of thumb is if it hasn’t been used in 2 years, than donate it. Donations are typically tax deductable but make sure to get an itemized receipt. Or if you have a lot of big items, contact your neighbors and have a joint yard sale. For clothing, think about selling the items at a consignment store.

7)  Start a garden at home, which is a great, healthy hobby and will provide fresh veggies and herbs. Tomatoes alone can be made into juice, sauce or cut them up fresh and add to a summer salad!

With these easy tips, you’ll have extra money to put into your family’s growing storage needs.

Check out more about how a portable shed can save you money and fit perfectly into your lifestyle. The Cook Rent to Own program provides the storage you need with payments and terms you can afford!