Top 5 Inexpensive Tips to Decorate and Organize your Storage Building


With the addition of a portable shed, it’s important for the new item to look as nice on the inside as it does on the outside. But organizing and decorating can get expensive quickly and functionality remains a big concern.

Personalizing your shed without sacrificing storage room, is as easy as … one, two, three. One: find items that aren’t being used around your house, two: repurpose them with a quick spray of paint or cleaning and three: enjoy the new, inexpensive look.

Here is a list of five ways to jazz up your Cook Portable Warehouse and keep your wallet from feeling a little too light.

1) Storage Bins

Items gathering dust in your attic or basement can easily be converted into cute storage options. These include metal planters, bins and garden buckets that can be freshened up with bright colored or metallic paint. Another option is to cover cardboard boxes with colorful duct tape to give them a whole new look.

Turn a garden bucket or planter on its side, hang and use to store gloves and other smaller items. Hanging wooden boxes in any shape can be made from pieces of scrap wood, a hammer and a couple nails and then painted to match.

Flea markets and garage sales are perfect places to find inexpensive, cool organizers for any size tool. Storing items can be space saving and match the theme of your portable shed.

2) Garden Items

A wooden lattice rack left over from a garden project can be painted or stained and used as a holder for tools and other smaller supplies. An old rake can be rejuvenated up with a can of spray paint and used as a quaint way to store hanging tools.

A broken or old garden hose can become the perfect outdoor wreath to match your shed’s door with the addition of older, vintage-looking tools, a pair of gloves and several inexpensive mini terra cotta pots. Attach with rope and it’s ready to hang.

3) Mason Jars

Nearly everyone has one or more Mason Jars around their house. If not, they can typically be purchased for $1 or you could use an empty candle or food jar.

The décor options are endless but think about painting with chalkboard paint for easily labeling, making a vase with water and fresh flowers from your garden or adding battery power lights inside the jar to create inexpensive lighting. Wire can be added around the top, to allow for hanging on hooks or clustering several together to create a makeshift chandelier.

4) Bulletin Boards

Make over a bulletin board by covering with fabric scraps. Then crisscross with ribbons, add push pins or decorative buttons and the transformation is complete. The new board will add color and is perfect for holding seed packets, paint samples and gardening tips.

5) Pallets

Anyone can create stunning wall art from an item typically available for free. Wooden pallets can be found behind many home improvement stories and newspaper offices. With a hand saw, cut several pieces of wood, paint any color, add a design or monogram and hang on the wall. You could also keep the pallet as is, paint to match your shed’s décor and use as a shoe rack.

Cook provides shed of all sizes for your unique storage needs. For more help with organizing your new Cook Portable Warehouse, check out the Top 5 Most Popular Storage Tips!