Top 5 Shed Accessories

Purchasing your shed is just the beginning! Once it’s delivered you can then create your space for functionality and to reflect your personality.

Whether you’re creating an office, guest house or workshop, these shed accessories can help fit your needs. 

  • Planters:

Work your shed into your landscape by sprucing up the outside of your shed.  Add a planter to your shed window. Or visit yard sales to find old tires to use as planters.

If you have an old wagon, fill it with dirt and beautiful flowers to place next to the entrance of your shed.

It’s a simple but welcoming addition to any portable building.

Shed Planters + Cook Portable Warehouses

  • Door Hangers

Are you sharing your space with your spouse? Your wife will love having the chance to choose the perfect door hanger to match your front door on the house.

You can purchase a monogrammed hanger or if you love to fish, this sign is perfect for you!

Portable Building Door Hanger + Cook Portable Warehouses

  • Shutters

If you have windows, shutters give portable buildings a clean, finished look.  They are a simple addition, easy to install and will make it feel a little more like an addition to your home.

Shed Shutters + Cook Portable Warehouses

  • Organization Solutions

You can easily organize your tools, sports equipment or craft supplies.

If you use your shed as a space for your hobbies, add a pegboard to your wall to hold your most used tools. Draw around them so you always know where they go.

If you’re a lover of the outdoors and go biking a lot, add a bike rack to your shed. Keeps your floor clear and your bikes securely stored.

Bike Rack for Shed + Cook Portable Warehouses


  • Ramps

If you’re using your shed to store your motorcycle or lawnmower, ramps are a must! You can easily load your vehicles into the shed for safe storage.

Ramps for Shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

There are many ways to use these portable building accessories to make your shed functional and decorative. Need some inspiration on organizing your space? Download our free guide below!