Top Reasons Why Rent to Own is Such a Good Deal


Cook provides an option to our customers that’s truly unique — the ability to lease a new shed and pay it off gradually over time. Those payments will also go toward the overall value of the warehouse.

Rent to Own works with a high-quality portable shed company like Cook because there is no deterioration of the building over time. Unlike a new car, which loses value the minute you drive it off the lot, our buildings hold their value. We guarantee this through our many product warranties.

Although there will be some normal wear and tear from the elements, the quality products that make up our floor, walls, roof and door, ensure that the day you pay off your building, it’s will be just as nice as the day we delivered it.


Because your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, it has to be extremely strong. Our fiberglass shingles, OSB decking and vinyl drip edge will ensure that your items are safe and dry. All our shingles are grade A and carry a 20 or 25-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

The vented roof helps protect your things from the excessive summer heat. Our gusseted trusses provide added strength that ensures the roof won’t sag under the weight of winter precipitation.

Another alternative is our metal roof, which has a 40-year manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty on the paint.


As the foundation of your building, the floor is essential to keep your items looking brand new. The base of your shed has to be extremely durable. A floor that is not built correctly or properly ventilated can rot.

A properly-built wood floor, like you will get with Cook, will last years and years. We use 40-percent pressure treated lumber, the highest rated for surface contact, for the entire floor system. Our floors are constructed of 5/8” pressure-treated decking and the bridge blocks provide additional strength. This allows our floors to hold up under heavy items such as vehicles.

Cook extends a lifetime warranty against decay and termite damage on each and every one of our sheds.


We use shallow groove siding, which adds durability to the sidewalls and protects from weather exposure, which can result in the separation of plywood. Double stud construction in the sidewalls adds strength to the wall system of every Cook building.

What holds every shed together are the nails and screws. But what makes Cook sheds special is that we use ring-shank coated nails that hold against swelling and contracting caused by changes in weather and humidity.


Our doors are solidly built with secure closures, which is vital to keep everything inside your shed looking its best. Cook doors are secured with storm chains, adjustable tension rods, locking door handles and six-inch door hinges. These elements will protect your building from wind and prevent the doors from warping.

Other routine maintenance we recommend for your building includes: cutting back any overhanging tress or shrubs, oiling door hinges and locks and wiping condensation from the bottom of windows periodically.

The Cook Rent to Own program comes with a five-year fix it all warranty so if anything does come up, we are here for you. Want to learn more about Rent to Own and how it can benefit your needs? Click below to find out more!