Top Shed Problem And Our Solution


Another warranty claim. Yikes! Not what you want to see coming in after so many years of success (since 1984). The shed was sound. Everything still protected, but the siding was showing some wear.

After years of weather took its toll, the siding on some sheds started looking warped. Delamination they call it. It’s something that was starting to plague us in the early 2000s and still plagues many shed competitors today. It’s where the top layer of the plywood separates from the rest.

Not exactly what you want for your backyard garden shed or workshop.

You spend hours every week manicuring your lawn, loving the smell of growing flowers and freshly cut grass. The last thing you want to see is an eyesore sitting in the middle of your backyard.

And neither do we!

So, we looked for a solution, not just a case by case fix.

That’s when we found LP Smartside®. It really is the smart solution for shed siding. We did our research and our own tests. One of our shed dealers has had a piece of this siding in water for years now. The result? No delamination!

So, since 2012, we changed the construction design of our sheds, making the switch to LP Smartside®. This is a wood-based product made with treated wood strand technology. It’s simply wood engineered to perform even better. Looking at it, many people think it’s traditional OSB, particleboard, waferboard or chipboard. But, this is real wood constructed to keep from rotting or retaining moisture. This article and video show you how they make this siding.

LP Smartside

Since making the switch, we have had 0 warranty or defect claims for this issue.

But note, if you have a warranty claim for one of our sheds, we take care of our customers. We don’t farm out work to a third party. We have a service team that takes care of these small issues.

Sadly, many of our competitors and some big box stores are still using plywood siding. Not only does delamination sometimes happen, but so does discoloration. If you do not stain and paint those types of sheds routinely, you could begin to experience these issues.

When you find a shed you like, no matter whose it is, we recommend asking them about their siding. If they say they use LP Smartside® ask them about the thickness. Here are other questions to ask them!

Many competitors will use a ⅜” thick version. We had this option, but it just didn’t meet the Cook standards. So, all of our sheds use the 19/32” thick siding. This gives our customers a thick, long-lasting, durable siding that can handle the elements. We’ve seen our sheds survive hurricanes, fierce winds and years sitting in moist climates.


The Cook standard is to build, and continue to build, a superior portable building. That means we sometimes need a change. And that’s a good thing!

Change means improvement. It means we can continue helping people find room for their stuff. It means we can continue to offer our Lifetime Warranty with even greater confidence on all of our shed styles.

Interested in learning more about our shed’s construction and style options?