Top Storage Tips for Any Size Tool Collection

Top_Storage_Tips_for_Tool Collection_Cook_Portable_Warehouse

Everyone can relate to this scenario — you are mid-project and can’t find the one tool you need to complete it. So you end up buying duplicates and adding more tools to the growing pile in your shed.

For any handyman (or someone sharing a portable building with one) efficiently and safely storing your tools can be a big headache. Between power tools, garden tools and hand tools, they could take over your entire shed.

Smart organization of your tools will save you time, money and reduce frustration. These handy tips will ensure every handyman is happy with how his tools are arranged in his Cook Portable Warehouse!

Larger Tools

An easy and simple way to keep your tools organized is to hang larger equipment on hooks and trace the outlines for easy storage on a homemade tool wall. A tie or belt rack is also perfect for any size wrench. An old metal bedframe can be used to hang bigger tools and saves value space inside your shed.

Cut pie tins or heavy-duty paper plates and screw to the wall to hold circular blades and discs. Use binder clips to hold coiled saw blades and then hang on a pegboard.

A simple piece of foam board can hold drill bits, screwdrivers and much more. Just glue it to a piece of plywood and hang it up.

Smaller Supplies

Tons household items can be used to store the little things that hold your projects together.

Use a large metal silverware tray to organize tools inside a drawer. It provides an easy way to keep screwdrivers, knives, scissors, scrapers, measuring tape and files together. Or try mounting a basic apron from any home improvement store to the wall and sew the pockets to different widths for various tool sizes.

Old muffin tins or ice cube trays are the perfect size to hold small fasteners and electrical parts. This simple trick ensures that you won’t be searching all over for the size you need. Shower curtain rings can also be used to organize and conveniently display nuts and washers on a pegboard.

Empty laundry detergent, fabric softener or motor oil bottles can be great places to keep screw and nails because they are study and have a handle. Cut away one side with a utility knife, wash it out and it’s ready to hold just about anything!

Do it Yourself

With all those tools, you’ll want to put them to good use. You can build a simple shelf for any tool with some leftover wood and L-brackets.

Try constructing a hanging shelf for your electric drill, by measuring and cutting out a hole the size of the tool’s width into the wood. Or drill several 1-2 inch holes into a block of wood, sand the inside and use to store drill bits, gages and other skinny tools.

PVC pipe can be cut into any size and put on a pegboard. Cut pieces and mount with drywall screws at a 45 degree angle to hold longer tools such as drills. Or just keep the PVC pipes whole and connect with screws to store rakes, brooms, shovels and hedge clippers.

Install a magnetic strip to the wall to hold all your drill bits and Allen wrenches. Or mount a magnetic knife holder with just a few screws.

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