Use Your Garden Shed to Its Full Potential

When you love to garden, a portable building can be a great asset. There are so many ways to incorporate it into your landscape. With a Cook Garden Shed, you’ll not only have a portable building, but a versatile shed that will last the test of time and the elements.  

Your garden is your pride and joy, so make the most of your shed to help you do what you love! Here is how to use your garden shed to its full potential.   

 Cook Garden Shed with Flower Box


Love to garden all year? Then turn your shed into a greenhouse! The three key ingredients for converting your shed into a greenhouse are:

-Temperature control

-Right amount of lighting

-Plants that fit well with that environment

Read here how you can use a Cook shed to create the perfect greenhouse to extend your love of gardening throughout the year!


Sheltering Container Plants

If you have a container garden, then you probably have it where it will receive the most amount of light. But when storms come up or an unexpected frost comes, you can easily bring them inside your garden shed to shelter them from the elements.  Then, when the threat has passed, you can bring them back out into the sunlight.

If you want to learn more about container gardening, watch our videos here!

Start a Container Garden in Your Garden Shed  

Storing Supplies

When you’re gardening and landscaping, you can quickly acquire a good bit of equipment and supplies.  Every piece needs a safe place, away from the elements that it can be stored.  Your garden shed, when organized correctly can be a place not only to store your items but to complete some gardening tasks as well.   

Here are some great storage ideas for your garden shed!


Potting Plants

Your shed can be for so much more than just storage!  Use it to create a workspace for your garden.  You can have all your tools and dirt stored inside so you can easily pot your plants. Plus, throughout the summer, you can easily mix and add any needed nutrients.   


Open the Doors & Relax

If your shed is near your garden, then set up a few chairs and a table inside. Then, open up the doors and enjoy your garden view! It will be a great, shaded spot to relax after you’ve been working for a bit.

Inside Cook Garden Shed  

There are so many ways to use your garden from storing, working, to relaxing!  Cook sheds make this possible with the various sizes offered and the quality materials they’re made of.

Cook offers other great amenities with the Garden Shed option as well, with a window and flower box which will allow you to easily incorporate your shed into your garden.  

Thinking of buying a Cook Garden Shed? This worksheet will help you decide what you need!