What a Storage Unit Does Not Solve

The storage unit across town can solve a few problems for families and businesses. This could include needing more storage space but not having enough yard or, for those apartment dwellers out there, not having a yard at all. 


For those remodeling or moving, these units can help store large items out of the way until it’s time to move them back in. 

Others may need that extra space away from home after a loved one has passed. They’re not ready to say goodbye to everything, but they also don’t have space for it in the house or garage. They need a climate controlled area they can rely on. 

The interesting thing is that a shed can also solve these issues, but there is one thing that a storage unit will never be able to provide: ownership to an accessible and affordable storage space. 

Cook Shed Customers - Lofted Barn

A storage unit is a monthly cost that can be the right fit for some instances. But, if you’re looking for any of the following, a storage shed is the better option. So, do you: 

  • Need space to protect a vehicle? 
  • Want more space for large equipment or toys?
  • Need a place to safely store supplies and work on your hobby? 


  • Need to free up space in the house for things you use more than once a month? 
  • Need to free up space in your garage so your cars actually fit? 


  • Want to store seasonal items efficiently? 
  • Want to protect items such as a lawn mower, old furniture, tools, etc?
  • Want to start a garden but need a place to pot plants and store supplies? 

Gardening Tools

  • Want to see less sports equipment inside the house?  
  • Want to add value to your home? 
  • Want to invest in improvements to your home?
  • Want an affordable payment for a storage solution that you can own? 


With Cook’s Rent-to-Own Program, you’re able to either keep your shed as a temporary investment or you can work toward owning your shed fully. Here’s what you can expect with our RTO program: 

  • No credit check. Ever. No need to worry about credit scores or getting a loan.
  • Only a small deposit is needed to deliver your shed. Plus, delivery and setup are free!*
  • You are in control of the final price of your shed. If you decide on month two (or three, or four, etc.) that you’re able to pay off your shed in full, then that’s great! No penalty.
  • We handle our Rent-to-Own Program 100% in-house. You are buying from Cook and Cook only. 

A storage unit isn’t close to your property, it can be expensive long-term, you have limited access to it and you’ll never own it. But, a Cook shed is conveniently in your backyard, it’s offered at an affordable rental price, you have access to your stuff at any time and you own your building at the end of the rental term.

All of our sheds are available through our RTO program. So, no matter which shed style or size you like best, you can find the one you need to fit your backyard and your budget.