What are the Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Shed?


Buying a pre-owned shed?  Is that possible?

You may not have been aware that buying a pre-owned portable shed is even an option. That’s because most building manufacturers can’t offer this alternative. The reason likely stems from a lack of quality.

When sheds are poorly constructed, it’s difficult to put such a serious guarantee on your work. Restoring a pre-owned shed back to its original condition can be so costly that it’s just as easy to scrap the shed and only build new ones.

Cook Portable Warehouses is different. We stand behind our work, confident that our buildings will last for years to come – no matter who owns them.

How does this work?

A large majority of our customers choose the rent-to-own method. If at any point they decide they no longer need a shed, for some reason (be it storage, financial, or other), we’ll pick up the building.

Most reclaimed Cook sheds are restored and sold at a reduced price. Our portable warehouses are crafted using proven construction methods and the finest materials. Therefore, these pre-owned buildings typically require little to no repair. Unlike used cars, boats, and home appliances, portable sheds don’t have moving parts. That means there’s nothing to wear out!

Why scrap a perfectly good building when we could offer it to you at a lower price?  That’s our thought process anyway, and that’s where you come in!

What does this mean for me?

Pre-owned buildings provide the absolute best value for our customers. 

Oh, did we mention that these pre-owned buildings still come with the same lifetime warranty as a new shed?

With our large selection of portable building styles and sizes, you’re sure to find your ideal shed! Click below to find your local dealer and ask them about their pre-owned shed inventory.