What is the Best Way to Safely Store my Household Appliances?


The beauty of portable sheds is that they can store any number of things. Sometimes, that means storing yard sale items, holiday decorations, and boxes of old toys. Other times, it can mean storing larger household items, such as appliances and furniture.

When it comes to proper storage of appliances, there are a few guidelines you’ll want to follow. We’ve outlined those below. (For tips on stowing away furniture, check out this post!)

Steps for Packing Up Your Appliances:

  1.  Unplug Your Appliances

Appliances that involve water should be unplugged and allowed to dry for a few days before repackaging them. Refrigerators, ice machines, deep freezers, dishwashers, and washing machines are all included in this category. During the drying process keep the doors of these machines open.

  1. Clean Everything

You know those weird stains and spills found within your refrigerator, microwave, and oven? You may not be sure how they got there, but it’s time for them to go!  You’ll also want to remove any grease stains or burnt residue on your stove. Finally, be sure that the lint trap in your dryer is thoroughly clean.

  1. Gather the Necessary Packing Supplies

If you have the original boxes for your appliances, now is the time to relocate those. (Let’s be honest, though. The majority of people don’t keep track of these things. If you do, we applaud you!)  Otherwise, you might check to see if any local appliance stores have extra boxes. Bubble wrap, duct tape, masking tape, packaging foam, and rolls of plastic film will also be important.

  1. Find Friends to Help

Appliances are heavy. We know you’re strong, but for the sake of your health, we recommend you find some friends to help in the moving and storing process. Besides, any boring task can be made fun with the company of friends.

  1. Protect Your Home

Moving these large appliances may scratch your floors or scuff your walls. Be sure to place plastic furniture movers or sheets of cardboard under the legs of your machines. This will also make sliding easier.

  1. Properly Package Everything

Secure refrigerator drawers and other loose pieces with masking tape. Use rubber bands to secure electrical cords. Place packaging foam on the corners and sharp edges of your machines. Keep this foam in place with tape, or begin wrapping the entire machine with your roll of plastic film. Then, place the appliance in your cardboard box (if you have one).

  1. Move Items into A Trustworthy Storage Building

A furniture dolly is ideal for moving your appliances from the house to a truck or nearby storage building.  Again, your friends will come in handy at this point, too. But, make sure your shed is sealed correctly so you’re not letting in any water or critters that might damage your storage items. It’s important to find a storage building that will last, so you can trust it with your larger items. As Mr. Cook says, don’t just ask about the features, but ask what the consequence of not having the feature is. He explains more here. 


Whether you’re storing one appliance or a whole house worth, Cook Portable Warehouses has a shed to accommodate your needs. If you’re not sure which size shed is best for you, pick up a free copy of our Fitting Guide below! Don’t forget, you don’t have to buy your shed. If you’re in the moving or renovating process and decide you just need it for a few months, we offer a great rent-to-own program. By the end you might decide you want to keep it after all!