What Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Portable Building

Rachel R. Shed in backyard photo courtesy of customer

Buying a shed isn’t a small purchase, so you want to ensure you’re buying a shed of superior quality that will last. We encourage you to ask a few key questions to learn about the durability of the shed and about the company’s integrity that you’re purchasing from.

What are the sheds made of compared to what others in the industry use?

A shed may look like quality on the outside, but you need to inspect it thoroughly. Ask some of these questions:

-What materials are used to make the shed?

What are the sheds made of + Cook Portable Warehouses

-Is the roof vented? Does it have a vented ridge?

-What keeps the floor from being damaged when you move the shed?

When purchasing a Cook Portable Warehouse, you can find these answers easily by talking with any of our dealers or right here. Or, take our Dare to Compare Checklist with you while you shop to see how other options measure up.  


What warranties or price guarantees are available on the new shed?

Make sure you understand the warranties before you make your final purchase. With any Cook portable building purchase you will receive a lifetime warranty on all treated components. There is also the option to upgrade your warranty, read about these options.


Who will be delivering the shed? Who will be in your backyard? 

Your home and land is your private space. When you purchase a shed, always ask who will be delivering it and their connection to the shed company.

who will deliver the shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

When you purchase a Cook shed, a Cook driver will deliver and install your shed. Cook does not contract out this part of the buying process. Cook drivers are uniformed and have passed criminal background checks, motor vehicle report reviews, drug screenings, periodic check-rides and medical certifications.

Cook employs superior personnel so you can feel comfortable when your shed is delivered.



If there is an issue with the building after it’s delivered, who do you call? 

When you purchase a warranty for your shed, be sure to ask who you call if you need an issue fixed. When you purchase from Cook, call Cook Portable Warehouses!

In the unlikely event you have an issue with your Cook portable building, Cook quickly responds with a fully trained maintenance team supported by retrofitted service trucks and trailers.  


Can you talk a little about the shed company? 

Do you know who you’ll be buying from? It’s always good to know who your money is going to support. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the company you’re supporting, supports you back?

Cook Portable Warehouses promises to be a compassionate corporate citizen. Their division called “Cook Cares”, oversees philanthropic endeavors for the company.  This has included supporting organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Corporate Angel Network and the Veterans’ Airlift Command.

As you’re searching for a new shed, be sure to buy one that is made well but also fits your family’s needs. If you want to understand more about why the Cook Difference really is different, read more here.

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