What Should I do Before my Shed is Delivered?


It’s always best to plan ahead. There are a few things you’ll want to consider before your portable shed is delivered.

  • Local Ordinances

Are there any size restrictions on storage units in your neighborhood? Are you required to obtain any specific permits or anchoring mechanisms before the arrival of your shed?

  • Clearance Requirements

In order to deliver your building, we must have clear access to the location. This means no trees, ditches, overhead wires, eaves, etc. in the delivery path. Because your building will be delivered on a 30-foot trailer, there must be enough room for it to maneuver. A clearance area of at least 14-feet high and 14-feet wide is required.

Are there are any fences or other obstructions that could interfere with your shed delivery? If so, it is your responsibility to remove these obstructions before delivery and replace them afterward. Will the storage building need to be brought through a gate? If so, the gate entrance must typically be at least 2-feet wider than the width of your portable shed.

  • Property Lines

If our delivery driver will have to go beyond your property line, adjoining property owners will be required to sign a release form. This must be done before shed delivery can be scheduled.

  • Your Building’s Foundation

All of Cook’s portable warehouses are constructed with pressure treated lumber.This specific wood is approved for ground contact, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about decay or termite damage. All buildings come with a lifetime warranty to prove it!


Nevertheless, some customers still choose to lay an additional concrete foundation for their building. If you decide to go this route, be sure the concrete base is 6 inches wider than your building on all sides. For example, if you purchased a 12’ x 16’ utility shed, your concrete base should measure 13’ x 17’.

  • Leveling Your Building

Our free delivery service includes leveling to ensure that your shed doors and windows function correctly.  We use our own wood shims to level your building up to 6 inches. If, however, your shed requires more than 6 inches of leveling, we recommend using 4-inch, solid concrete blocks. You, the customer, will be responsible for providing these blocks and informing our office of this change before delivery.

Cook Portable Warehouses will not raise a storage unit any higher than 8 inches. There will be a blocking fee of $50 + Tax for buildings up to 24 feet long. Buildings that are longer than 24 feet must be situated directly on level ground, a concrete pad, or gravel. Site preparations for such buildings must be completed before delivery.

Our professional fleet of drivers will work to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the building’s setup! To learn more about the delivery and setup of your Cook portable building, click here.