What to Avoid When Buying Pre-Owned Sheds

How to Choose a Pre-Owned Shed -- Shed and flowers in yard

If you’re looking for a discounted storage shed then a pre-owned shed is a great option. But, before you buy, you need to make sure you can trust your pre-owned purchase to last.

The great part about portable buildings is that there aren’t any moving or mechanical parts that can wear out like there is on a car or a boat. But, that doesn’t mean you can trust every pre-owned shed to be a long lasting purchase.

Cook Portable Warehouses does offer some pre-owned sheds from their local dealers found across 14 states. But, these tend to go quickly on any lot. If you’re looking for a pre-owned option, give your local dealer a call to see what is available.


With Cook, no matter if you buy new or used, you can have confidence in the durability of your purchase. With a variety of different shed styles to choose from, you can buy new off the lot, custom order your shed or purchase a pre-owned building.

No matter where you shop these are three essentials to buying a pre-owned shed.

  • Avoid a pre-owned shed that hasn’t been inspected.

pre-owned repair painting

When a storage building is returned to the lot, most of them will go through a reconditioning process. Sometimes we do decide to sell our sheds as-is depending on the amount of damage acquired by the last owner. But, we generally will inspect the shed and make repairs where they are needed.

  • Avoid a pre-owned shed that doesn’t have a warranty.

Even though it’s pre-owned you should still expect to receive a warranty on your shed purchase. With Cook, you will receive the same attention and care whether you’re buying a pre-owned or a new building. You will still receive our lifetime warranty on all treated components!

  • Avoid a pre-owned shed that doesn’t have a rent-to-own option.

rent to own shed options

You may think purchasing a used portable building will need to be a final purchase, but with Cook, it doesn’t have to be. We still offer the option to join our rent-to-own program. Where each payment is split to pay for the renting and the eventual owning of your very own shed! Whether you buy out-right or rent, our warranties remain the same.

With Cook, whether you’re buying a new or used portable building, you know the quality to expect. Learn more about how our sheds are built here.

Because of the superior quality of Cook portable buildings, they are your blank canvas! You use it for storage, as a she shed, man cave, or craft room. Learn more by downloading our shed brochure below.