What Types of Sheds to Avoid

You can easily find a shed. But, will it be the right shed? The number of options is endless in most towns but every shed is not built the same or to the same standards as Cook Portable Warehouses.

Each of our shed styles are built in a quality controlled environment so we ensure each of our buildings are made to the high standards we’ve set. With our Rent-to-Own Program and our Trade Up Program, our customers are able to have the portable building that fits their needs, at a price they can afford.

As you search for your shed, ask questions of your dealer and ensure you’re getting the answers you need before you make a purchase. Here are some factors and types of sheds to avoid as you search for a wooden shed.

Run Down Shed, Sheds to Avoid


  • Avoid sheds that don’t have a written lifetime warranty.

Many shed companies offer warranties, however there are some signs to look for that you may have problems in the future. Here are some questions to ask or think about as you research the warranty.

  1. How long does the shed warranty last and what specifically does it cover?
  2. Who will be the person you talk to if you have a warranty claim?
  3. Who will be the person who comes to your home or business to fix your shed?

Cook has a written lifetime warranty on all treated components of the shed. With Cook you’ll continue to deal with Cook. If you have a warranty claim you can be assured we’ll send out one of our own employees to survey the situation and make any repairs necessary.

  • Avoid sheds that aren’t delivered or financed by the company themselves.

Who will you deal with? Cook, every time. We do not outsource our financing and we do not outsource our deliveries. Each of our delivery drivers has had a background check as well as many other safety checks. You don’t want to buy from a company where they can’t tell you who will be in your backyard.

  • Avoid sheds that aren’t built for direct ground contact.

A wood shed sitting on dirt and grass may not sound like a good idea, but with a Cook portable shed you can! Our sheds are built with high grade lumber that is treated for ground contact. That means if you have a level spot on your property, then you can simply place a Cook shed there. Then you only have to worry about landscaping around it and organizing what’s inside.

  • Avoid sheds that are built by inexperienced companies.

Do you trust a shed warranty from a company who has only been in business a few years? We’ve been in business since 1984 and we’re here to stay. When we make claims about our features, our warranty and our durability, we’re making it based on our years of experience. Read our story here!

There are many portable buildings to avoid, but you can trust Cook sheds to fit your needs and your budget, while lasting the test of time. If this article helped you, you might also check out:


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