What to Look for in a Portable Shed Company

Building a Cook Shed

So, you’ve decided that a portable building is the right solution for your storage needs. Maybe the clutter continues to pile up and you want to start the year off by getting organized or maybe you need more room for a new hobby or just want to extend the space in your home.

Whatever the reason, you have made a great selection! A portable warehouse is the smartest choice on the market compared to other options. 

So the next big step is to decide on which portable shed company is going to earn your business. Not all shed companies are the same; offer the same options, services and programs.

It’s important to be educated from the beginning of the shed buying process, so here are 3 critical items that we believe help Cook Portable Warehouses stand out from the rest.

High quality construction standards and practices

With the big investment of a portable shed, it’s important that it stays in good condition. Every one of our Cook buildings is constructed in our quality-controlled environment and made of the best products on the market.

We are constantly tweaking our prototype to keep up with new innovations in the marketplace. Ask any of our local Cook dealers about the components of our portable buildings and they will provide a complete explanation.

We know the industry and we know our products! Learn more about all the building features that make our Cook buildings special.

In-house delivery fleet and dedicated customer support

At Cook, we employ a fleet of experienced and knowledgeable delivery drivers that undergo rigorous testing and meet our high standards before being hired. This means we don’t contract our deliveries out like many of our competitors.

Our customers enjoy a quicker, more detailed delivery and set-up process. We don’t just drop your building off and leave. It will be leveled, checked and double checked by our drivers. They also go through a walkthrough with each and every customer.

Customer support starts before a customer even buys a shed through free site checks and continues throughout the life of your building. To learn more about the delivery process, watch this video!

Valdosta delivery
Flexible buying programs and guarantees

We understand that not everyone has the funds to purchase one of our buildings outright. In fact, more than three-fourths of our customers utilize our Rent-to-Own program. This program allows customers to get one of our sheds for just a deposit and then pay it off monthly in 36, 48 or even 60 month plans.

Or if you are looking for a less expensive building that still meets the highest quality standards in the industry, think about buying one of our pre-owned sheds. Ask your local dealer (find the one closest to you), about their pre-owned inventory.

Something we are very proud to offer is our lowest price guarantee. If any customer finds the same size building with all the same features at a lower price, up to 6 months after the purchase date, we will refund half the cost. Read the full details here. 

This means we stand behind our sheds as the best deal on the market, no other portable warehouse company can offer the same promise!