What Your Cat Would Really Think of A New Backyard Shed

It looks like a giant box. I love playing with boxes. This should be fun. And oh look, they put in a little door for me. This must be MY BOX. 



Now, that’s the ticket! Air conditioning in my very own space. No kids poking me, a clean litter box and a full bowl of food. And have you seen this comfy rug they just got me? That’s where I’ll spend most of day one. Now… where to spend day two? 



Don’t you need my help? I thought that’s why you invaded my space today? I mean this entire box was built for me right? 



No? Then why are you here with your talking and your dusty boxes and your dirty feet? Out. Out I say! 



Good. They’re gone. 



It’s hilarious that they think getting the shed was “THEIR” idea… 



Not going to lie, this is what my mom looked like on delivery day. She was so excited! Little did she know it was really for me, not her. But, that’s OK, I’m great at sharing…most days…alright, alright, SOME days. I always let her pet me when she comes to visit. 



Would your cat take over your she shed or backyard workshop? Probably. But, in a Cook shed there’s room for you both. Learn more about how to add electricity and other customizations to your backyard shed.