Why a Cook Shed is a Great Value

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When it comes to storing your valuables or setting up a hobby or business space, you don’t want to put your things into just any portable building. You want to ensure it is the safest place to store your belongings for the long term, not just a couple of years.

Cook Portable Warehouses stands by their quality, which is proven through their lifetime warranty on treated components. You can always find a cheaper option, no matter what product you’re searching for. But, as you’ve probably experienced, that option isn’t always the best. In choosing a shed it is not any different.

Here is why a Cook shed is a great value for your hobby space, storage shed or business location.

  • Cook sheds have a Lifetime Warranty. Cook sheds are built to last, so you aren’t searching for a new shed every 10 years. What does that mean for you? It means you pay for quality now and can continue to rely on it for years to come. How can Cook say this? Because Cook uses the highest quality, treated wood for each building. Remember, Cook has been around since 1984 and has learned to perfect their construction.  Learn more about your shed warranty options here.  

  • How long have you or your friends rented a storage unit? With Cook, you can be a part of our Rent to Own program which means you own it after your set term! You’ll never be able to say that about a storage unit across town. With rent to own you’re investing in an asset for your home or business, not throwing money at a monthly service. Here are some common questions we get about the Rent to Own program.

Cook Handyman Shed Option

  • Little maintenance means no additional cost after delivery (which is free by the way). Because Cook sheds are built with such long lasting siding, shingles and lumber, there isn’t much to do except maybe a paint touch up after a few years. Learn more about the great features that make every Cook shed a low maintenance investment.

  • Think you might move one day? It’s still a great value! Adding a sturdy, eye appealing shed to your yard can actually increase the value and appeal of your home. Read more about that here! Or, if you decide to move close by, you could be eligible to have Cook move your shed to your new home.

Making big purchases can put a stress on your finances, but make sure you’re pursuing all of your options. You want to consider how all of the details will impact you down the road.

Cook sheds are a safe, simple choice. From your local dealer, to delivery, to making payments, or making a warranty claim, you’ll only deal with Cook employees. Meet your local dealer today by searching for them here!

Not sure which shed is right for your purposes? Download our free resource below!