Why a Cook Shed Makes the Best Valentine’s Day Present


When you think about Valentine’s Day, you think about those romantic gifts like flowers, candy, jewelry or just having a nice dinner and spending time with your loved one.

But sometimes the better way to go with holidays is the untraditional route. So, how about the out-of-the-box gift of a Cook shed this Valentine’s Day? And, here are a few more Valentine’s Day gifts for the home that are popular!

So, why is a Cook Portable Warehouse the best Valentine’s Day present? Here are 3 reasons that choosing a quality storage building could make for your best Valentine’s Day yet!


It’s built to last

Unlike flowers that are going to wither up and chocolates that will be eaten quicker than expected, a Cook shed will last. Our buildings are constructed with quality materials and built to the highest standards in the industry.

From the roof, with OSB decking, gusseted trusses and drip edge, to the floor made of ground rated lumber with notched skids and floor decking, a Cook structure is made to last. Even the small components like our heavy duty door hinges are of the highest quality!

Your gift will be standing strong in your backyard for years to come. How about that for a constant reminder about your feelings for your sweetheart?

It’s romantic in its own way

One of the most romantic ways to connect with your significant other is by listening to them. Maybe they have been complaining about an overflow of clutter in your home or garage. Or they are looking for more space for a favorite hobby or new interest?

A portable shed is the perfect solution to either issue! Prove you are ready to get your space organized and maybe move some of your stuff out to a secure and durable Cook building!

Or your honey has started the new year with a new hobby or just wants to spend more time on an old favorite pastime. Give them a dedicated space that is just their own! Learn more about how to convert your shed into a hobby space in this blog post!

It’s customizable and not store-bought

How many standard stuffed teddy bears or heart shaped boxes of chocolate can someone receive without getting a little bored? No one wants a Valentine’s gift that tons of other people have also received.

But, with a Cook shed, you can customize it according to your loved one’s preferences. We offer a variety of building styles from ones meant for heavy duty storage needs like the Lofted Garage to others meant for lighter storage or a hobby space like our Garden Shed.

You can also personalize your building with the placement of windows, doors, add heavy duty flooring (for some models) and choose the building size and the color of the siding and the shingles.

See how you can customize the Cook Portable Warehouse of your beloved’s dreams!