Why are Things Inside my Shed Getting Wet?


Whether you bought or built your shed, the point was to protect your belongings from outside elements. Now, all of your things are somehow getting wet. It doesn’t make sense!

Condensation and rain are the two leading causes of moisture in sheds. Luckily, these issues can be prevented with the help of certain construction features.

In the summer months, especially, your building may be susceptible to condensation. When storage units become hot during the day and temperatures drop quickly at night, water droplets are likely to form and collect within the unit. Items inside your shed may, then, appear to be sweating. This is a sign of poor ventilation.

The most efficient way to avoid this issue is by installing a ridge vent in the roof of your portable shed. This vent will promote airflow within the building to eliminate condensation while still keeping your possessions safe from blowing rain water.


Some shed builders design their units with dryer vents instead of ridge vents. This method is not as effective. Dryer vents may protect against condensation, but they allow rain water to blow inside your building.  With a dryer vent, your storage items will still become wet one way or another.

Additionally, storage buildings with metal roofs have a tendency to become hotter and are more likely to sweat. To avoid potential moisture damage, shed builders should go a step further by adding an extra layer of protection.  In this case, the roof structure should be decked with 7/16” OSB before adding the metal roof.


At Cook Portable Warehouses, we understand the importance of preserving your storage items. You care about your possessions, and we care about you!  Therefore, all of our storage units come equipped with roof ridge vents. Likewise, all of our metal roof buildings include a 7/16” OSB decking for greater protection.

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