Why Rent to Own Buildings are Better than Storage Units


Whether you are moving, organizing or just have too much clutter and too few places to store it, most people could use more space. When a family or business is in need of help, much of the time storage units are the go-to choice.

But a portabl shed can be the cheaper and more convenient option. Have your money work for you, with the Cook Portable Warehouses Rent to Own program.

The advantages of portable sheds go past just the financial perks and allow anyone to stretch their budget to meet their growing needs. Here are the top reasons buying a portable warehouses through the Rent to Own program could be a better option for your family.

Length of time

Maybe you’re thinking … you only need extra storage for a short time and don’t want to deal with the hassle of your own building. But with Rent to Own buildings, there is nothing but a monthly obligation. Anytime your situation charges, the unit can be picked up at no charge and no future payments will be required.

Compared to most storage unit companies, which require a six-month to one year contract, the Rent to Own program provides added flexibility for a fraction of the cost.


A portable shed provides a safe and secure place for your belongings that is available any time day or night. With a storage unit, the off-site complex could have limited hours for you to access your unit.

Having everything you need right in your backyard saves you driving time and eases frustration. It will also give you more valuable time to spend with family and friends rather than rooting around a storage unit looking for something.


Either way, you will have to spend some money to upgrade your storage space. But would you rather have the money go toward owning it rather than paying rental fees? You can also pay the shed off at any time without penalty.

Once your items are stored in a storage unit, most people will typically leave their things there for multiple years. Monthly fees and other costs will keep piling up.

For anyone who has seen the TV show Storage Wars, you know what can happen when items are left behind. If you move and forget about your unit or the bills get lost in the shuffle, your unit will be sold to the highest bidder.

Climate control

Storage units also increase in price for the interior, climate-controlled spaces. But with a portable shed, adding insulation, fans or a window unit can help you save on electricity costs. Your building will be safe from sizzling summer temperatures and chilly winter weather.


Cook Portable Warehouses provides buildings that can sustain any weather event, including high winds, storms and more.

One of our sheds even survived with only minimal damage after a 3,000-pound tree trunk fell on its roof.

Our customer Adam Jolley summarized the Cook difference perfectly when he said, “Amazingly your building held up like a champ.”

Learn more about the Cook Portable Warehouses Rent to Own program and how it could save you time and money!